Quantity Surveying - Professional Construction Industry Services

2003 2004 Aviano U.S. Air Force Base (Italy) - 30 Million

From November 2004 to March 2005 I was employed via Bilfinger Berger as the Project Head Quantity Surveyor for a NATO project at the US Air Force Base at Aviano, Italy. The project was composed of two separate contracts worth some € 30 million in total. The nature of the project remains sensitive and although I would be happy to discuss it in more details with a prospective employer I have to state that some elements of my work there remain classified and I will not be able to divulge those particulars.

Although certain elements of my work may not be disclosed, I can relate that my duties entailed the following:

  • Analysing the main contract for legal issues pertaining to all aspects of the project including the special relationship required by the US Federal Acquisition Regulations
  • Analysing existing subcontracts for legality, correctness and manageability
  • Perform historical review of events occurring prior to my posting so as to see the possible liabilities incurred. To all intents this process was essentially forensic account analysis work of a rather sensitive as well as detailed nature
  • Direct QS staff in order to create bills of quantities for each section of work required, so as to produce specific documents in terms of requirements for subcontractors, reducing costs incurred due to unforeseen elements
  • In conjunction with procurement, have an overview of the costs incurred by different sections of the works to ascertain fair pricing by subcontractors
  • Meet with site staff in order to discuss proposed change order impacts on work progress
  • Meet with schedulers to discuss proposed change order impacts on scheduling
  • Meeting with the client representatives (US Navy) in order to discuss all current as well as previous proposed change orders and concurrent increases in costs or time extensions
  • Establishing the correct quantities of material required for differing aspects of the works still to be completed
  • I also had to suggest and later implement a document and drawing archival procedure as the one existing prior to this company’s arrival on site was insufficient to meet our needs
  • Produce reports to the Project Manager and/or the directors of the board concerning any/all of the above as well as any other matters at my discretion