Quantity Surveying - Professional Construction Industry Services

2004 - 2005 NE London Road Networks Maintenance (£48 Million)

From May 2004 to October 2005 I was employed as a Senior QS by Fitzpatrick Contractors Ltd (Now Volker Fitzpatrick) to work on their North East London Roads Network Maintenance Contract with Transport for London.

My duties included:

  • The managing and overseeing of 6 junior QS or Measurement Engineers including the chairing of Method of Measurement training sessions on Highway Works MoM
  • Auditing of work orders submitted by the Junior QS or Measurement Engineers
  • Resolution of disputed work orders with the client’s representative Senior QS
  • Resolution of Method of Measurement issues with client’s representative QS
  • Presentation of CVRs to the commercial manager and directors of the board
  • Liasing with Engineers as to the nature of works where variations may have been required or should have been originally instructed.
  • Putting in place agreements with the client’s representative with respect to the way forward concerning situations that were not covered by the original contract or developed since other agreements in place had lapsed. On one agreement alone a substantial saving was performed which in real terms amounted to a minimum of ₤200,000 over a period of 6 months.
  • Putting in place systems and liaisons with existing staff in order to reduce the number of disputed work orders. This was reduced from an average of 400 a week when I started on the contract to a total of about 20 a week within a period of 3 months of my being able to implement certain basic but essential working practices in place.