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2008 - 2009 Lord Bagri Private Residence, Hanover Lodge (UK) - 5 Million

From August 2008 to November 2009 I was employed by L'Europeenne de Marbre (EDM) a well established International French company with headquarters in Paris.
Despite continuing to honour their contractual obligations and continuing the works in a timely and professional fashion EDM was also simultaneously in a dispute with the main contractor regarding their additionally incurred costs as a result of major delays and disruptions which they had suffered through no fault of their own.

Although having worked on some prestigious projects in London for a number of years, if EDM could not recoup their losses on this particular project, it would have seriously compromised the viability of the London based branch. In part this situation had escalated as a result of cultural differences.
EDM prides itself on always producing extremely high quality work and ensuring client satisfaction. They therefore persisted to incur unreasonable costs as a result of delays that they were not responsible for in good faith, for far too long before ensuring they would be paid in full for the extra costs.

My original mandate was essentially to try and help resolve this situation without the need for arbitration.

The first three months of my employ was essentially an exercise in forensic accounting and the production of a very detailed claim document complete with hundreds of photographs and e-mails to document the various issues. After initial (but non-official) issue of this in order to allow the main contractor to respond, the claim was further refined, with the final draught being submitted in January of 2009.

The final settlement of this issue took a further ten months, however in the meantime cash-flow was dramatically improved by the overhaul and more correct submission of payment applications as well as a forensic analysis and submission of all variation orders which had been neglected.

The final settlement figure paid to EDM was in excess of three times my originally expected recovery figure and EDM was able to finally receive fair payment for their loyalty to the project and high quality work, which on this project was undoubtedly of the highest international standards.