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2013 – The Shard – Shangri-La Hotel (£40 million +)

I joined the team already in place on The Shard to help with variation orders of large magnitude that impacted on various packages as well as with the organising of various packages that because of this required more attention. Specifically the drylining package was under my domain as it covered all the walls of the whole hotel. I joined this operation in May but SISK was terminated from the works at the Shangri-La in September at which point the process became one of legal action, which I am confident SISK will eventually be successful on in due course as it is my considered opinion that it was most definitely a case of wrongful termination. In any event I closed off the packages that were under my care and SISK settled in good standing and fairly with all their subcontractors before continuing with their case against the Shangri-La. The outcome of the case is expected to take a few years to resolve. SISK wanted to retain my services and tried to do so with various small tasks until the end of December but did not ultimately have the continuity of work to allow me to continue with them.