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Prior TO 2003 - Various Projects (Southern Africa)

Prior to moving to the UK I was involved in a number of projects, mostly in Botswana as a result of my eventually becoming employed full time by the firm I originally did my in-service training for my Civil Engineering studies with.

My capacity then was a mixture of Site Manager, Project Manager and Financial Controller for the projects, as the management structure in Africa has to be very much more varied, flexible and practical than has generally been my experience in Europe. In hindsight, this broad mixture of skills and experience has undoubtedly served me well ever since.

Although I was at times managing as many as 7 sites, the most prestigious works I was involved in where:

  • Ministerial High Cost Residence for a member of the Botswana Parliament – Project Size was approx. 6-7 Million Pula (Converted to Pounds Sterling this is only about £1 million or even slightly less but purchase power there is much greater). My involvement actually began as a result of the project having reached several critical stages both financial and technical and requiring a rescue operation. Although a difficult situation we managed to finish on time and on budget.
  • Radio-Link Towers for Botswana's Telecommunications System – This was a country-wide project that involved the setting up of various telecommunications towers over a total distance of several thousand miles, sometimes in remote locations with difficult soil conditions and necessarily complex logistical situations.

    The project had a value of about 15 Million Pula (about £2 million or so if converted). My functions on this project were truly varied as it ranged through:

    • Resolving logistical issues of material delivery to remote areas
    • Resolving engineering/construction issues on site resulting from unexpected situations, soil conditions or changes in the requirements of the project
    • Financial controls on the project budget
    • Resolving disputes and/or other issues with various sub-contractors
    • Resolving technical, financial or contractual issues with our client which essentially was the Botswana Government
  • Refurbishing of Standard Chartered Bank's Main Branches in the Capital Gaborone – This was a prestigious project which involved the refurbishing of all 4 branches in the capital as well as the finishing on the main headquarters of the Bank. We were employed as the main subcontractor by the main contractor and I was fully responsible for all client as well main contractor liaisons as well as general project management. Project value was about 4 million Pula (about £500,000 if converted).