Quantity Surveying - Professional Construction Industry Services

My Rates

Generally my rates for freelance (also known as contract work) are:

  • £50 per hour with a minimum of 1 day's work (£400) for short term work, or
  • £250 to £300 per day for long term contract work depending on conditions and various other factors we can negotiate
For long term or permanent work I would ideally be looking at the prospects of becoming a partner or shareholder within a firm that has potential for growth, or a performance related pay grade that allowed some kind of profit share.

It is important to consider that one of the primary reasons I choose to work freelance is because I prefer to use my time efficiently. Practically, for my employers this means that there is essentially no “dead time” when I work on a project. My rates reflect the fact that in real terms much QS work can be done in a few efficient hours rather than days.

A simple calculation of Time Spent vs. Return On Investment on any of the projects I worked on will quickly demonstrate that I pay for myself several to many times over within a short period of time.