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Red Mercury and the sinking of the Estonia

On 28 September 1994 sometime between midnight and 2 am, the MS Estonia, a ferry traveling from Tallin (Estonia), to Stockholm (Sweden) suddenly sank. The reasons for this have never been satisfactorily explained. The utter absurdity of the official explanations, which at one point was that the cargo doors had not been closed prior to casting off, was one of the reasons that so-called “conspiracy theories” sprung up. But by no means the main reason. Several important factual points make it clear that the sinking of this ferry was not just a mere accident. Now let me be the first to say that I hate the phrase “conspiracy theories”. It assumes an air of tin-foil-hat wearing crazies. We should more properly refer to the evidence as conspiracy facts. And facts lead to hypothesis, which until tested (factually) remain the best conclusion we can scientifically reach regarding the events in question. So let’s look at some of these facts.

There are a number of curious facts concerning the sinking of the Estonia. A few of these in summary form are:

  • Crucial evidence (the locking bolt) of the supposedly “best” theory of why it sank (the locking bolt supposedly failed) was wilfully destroyed by Börje Stenström, the Swedish navy commander who was the head of the technical group of the international investigation commission. The bolt had been recovered by divers and the commander threw it back into the sea. Rather odd behaviour. Especially back then, when the clearing of sites like the Oklahoma City bombing and Ground Zero in New York in record time after a supposed terrorist attack had not happened yet. And we were a little less brainwashed.
  • The exact number of people who died is still not really agreed on. It does seem that more people died or disappeared than supposedly were on the ferry though. Also some people (crew mostly) that did survive originally (and gave their name and address to the rescuers initially) have somehow disappeared. You can read a bit more about that (and other weird facts) HERE.
  • A treaty was put in place (The Estonia Agreement 1995) to ensure no one from Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Denmark, Russia or the United Kingdom, can visit or dive on the wreck.
  • They tried to cover the wreck in solid concrete without removal of all the bodies aboard.
  • A Swedish customs official eventually came forward citing his conscience as the reason, stating that he knew that the ferries from Estonia at times carried military hardware that was being routed either to (or at least via) the Swedish government or persons unknown, and he had been one of the people that had previously followed orderds and allowed such shipments through.

All of these things you can read about all over the net with a bit of help from Google. Go ahead, it’s good for you, and I’ll wait. When you are done catching up, you can come back here and find out what really happened.

I have had the strange coincidence in life of meeting many strange and unusual people and being privy to some rather sensitive information long before it ever leaked out into the public arena. In general, I keep these things to myself for a variety of reasons. Most of them having to do with my preferring to continue enjoying good health and other parties continuing to enjoy a certain anonymity as long as I continue to be in good health. Dramatic I know, but what can I say. I told you my life is strange.

One relatively tame example was the fact that many of the new ANC parliamentarians in South Africa engaged in sex parties with local township girls and contracted HIV as a result. they then imported anti-retroviral drugs exclusively for parliament whilst denying the same drugs to the rest of the country for years. It was the height of science fiction to say this out loud back in 1993-1994, but became relatively common knowledge a few years later. More to the point were the direct relationships between drug dealers and chiefs of police and so on, all pretty run-of-the-mill stuff to me to be honest, but occasionally I did become party to some really interesting stuff.

I think it’s because I know so many dodgy people, sometimes, but I think knowing enough people at the “top end” of things also helps. Anyway. With regard to the Estonia, I recently (and completely unbidden by me) discovered something rather meaningful.

The source is impeccable and I believe what they told me. Apparently, shortly after the collapse of Russia, a lot of high-tech stuff was being smuggled to various governments in terms of military technology. You may recall how Red Mercury was such a thing. This somewhat mythical substance was supposed to be able to be used to create hand-grenade sized atom bombs. Eventually it was discredited by the mainstream media as “a bit of a myth”. But myth it is not. As anyone that has researched this sort of stuff for a while will tell you. And weirdly enough, dig enough, and what do you find at the very origin of Red Mercury (and a lot of other conspiracies too by the way)? That’s right. Nazis.

You know those pulpish-like comic book heroes that fight evil Nazis (there are no other kind by the way), like Indian Jones or Hellboy? Well. It’s not all as far-fetched as you may think. Truth really is stranger than fiction in my personal experience.

Red Mercury seems to be the Soviet version of something the Nazis originaly developed in conjunction with their anti-gravity technology back in the 1940s. they called it Serum (or Xerum) IRR 525, and you can read a lot more on that history by reading some of Joseph Farrell’s books (The philosopher’s stone being a good one). When the Second World War ended, the Nazis scientists were somehow divvied up between the USSR and the USA. America got the good rocket Nazis and the Soviets apparently got the good Weird tech Nazis. IRR Xerum 525 became Red Mercury. And the Nazis had grapefruit sized atom bombs in the 1940s too, though it’s only becoming known now.

But back to the Estonia and my friend. Apparently, the Estonian and Azerbajani gangs of the day ran the various trafficking of military hardware. Apart from the fact that a lot of the hardware was not properly guarded at all in the exploding Soviet Union, it is always a good idea to use criminal elements to do criminal things. Plausible deniability and all that. In any event, my contact personally knew some of these gang leaders and members.

Apparently what happened was that two crates containing some huge lead spheres filled with Red Mercury were being transported in some of the trucks aboard the ferry. The problem was that one of the gangs, (I don’t know if the Azerbajanis or the Estonians) did not want the other gang to “take over their trade” as it were. Now, whether they were acting for themselves or under the auspices of the Russian government or someone else…who really knows. But in any case, they went up to the control room and forced the captain to open the ferry doors. Which basically, from the evidence that exists once you exclude the ridiculous and the fraudulent, makes perfect sense.

It also explains why a few tons of concrete were pumped into the sea to try and cover over the whole site and why an agreement exists to ensure no one gets to dive on the site (though several people have tried), and why it is still patrolled by the Swedish navy to prevent exactly this kind of thing from happening. Nosy divers. Can’t be having one of them photograph or god forbid recover a whole led sphere filled with Red Mercury can we?

Which I kind of agree on that part anyway. But what would be interesting to know is…why was the Swedish government trying to get a bunch of Red Mercury? And for whom were they getting it? If you have read another of Farrell’s books, Nazi International, you may be starting to see more of a pattern than you would like.

Anyway, so now you have the real reason and also a brand new and even more outlandish “conspiracy theory” to tell your friends about. For myself, it’s the one I would chose to bet on if I had to.







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  1. stuart says:

    I’ve read a few articles on this and other sinking’s of ships but the Estonia grabbed me the most and a few of the theories are very egsagerated and the official findings I find harder to believe but then government’s never tell the whole truth in any case if any truth attol so upon reading this article I find it to be more along the lines of what may have happened but not even the poor sole’s who lost their lives that night know the truth except possibly a few who may be part of whatever took place but the answers I feel will remain locked away in that merky grave and in the merky minds of guilty government officials who may or may not be involved but one day we may get answers from a person so stricken with guilt they speak out but until that time we can only imagine the horror of that night in 94 and god bless the people taken from this world by who or whatever time place but I do hope a theories are wrong and it was simply a tragic accident and they were not taken by unnecessary actions

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