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Red Space! I join the Evil league of Evil

Well, it had to happen! Once again, I am being paid to subvert the status quo.

As some of the fourteen million spam bots and half-dozen Russian hackers that still read my blog know, my very first paid work as a writer was for a subversive publication that may have resulted in the collapse of the then still semi-apartheid government of South Africa.

Yes, gentle readers, for in that publication, there were pictures of women. Scantily clad ones, that usually bared their breasts! (Yes! Yes, gasp! Gasp away and clutch at your pearls in scandal, but such is the life of the fearless destroyer of Nazi Regimes) although today that publication would pass as a dentist’s waiting room coffee table magazine, that’s not the point. Back then, SCOPE Magazine, was known as the most virulent form of vile pornography that the Western World, in attempt to subvert the Nazi-like purity of the South African government, was trying to foster on the innocent minds of the naive Dutchmen of that country.

I know. Western civilisation was probably destroyed by it. But the point is another. For you see, I am now  published, as part of an anthology (a first for me!) by an official publisher.

And who is that publisher you ask? Ah well… this is where my roots as an indefatiguable contrarian and paladin for individual thought and the rejection of all things that fall under the label of political correctness and/or Social Justice Wankers (yes, that IS the correct name, I refuse to pervert the language by calling them social justice warriors) comes into play, because you see, the publisher is Castalia House.

And Castalia House you see, is run/owned by Vox Day.

And Vox Day, is of course The Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil League of Evil.


That’s what it looks like and my Story is called Red Space.

The Evil League of Evil also includes other Evildoers, such as John C. Wright, with whom I have had lengthy e-mail exchanges about the obviously Evil experience he had that ultimately led him to become a Catholic Christian, having started off as a secular atheist (and I fear the most evil part of the exchange was that it was rather boring and disjointed from my side). Mr. Wright apparently is known as The King in Yellow in the Evil League of Evil, and may be its official spokesman.

But let us not forget also, that other larger than life (in fact, definitely at least Ogre-sized) member of the Evil League of Evil, the Hill Giant known as The International Lord of Hate aka to his Evil-doer friends as Larry Correia.

Larry and I exchanged a few tweets when he was accused of being racist for his white, privileged, fascist Evilness.

Since Larry is not exactly white, and I am a dago myself, I helpfully tried to provide a Dulux paint-colour chart to try and define if he was more Trench Coat or Ivory, thereby trying to better define his level of obvious racism and evil.

I myself, am potentially even more subversive than Larry, what with being only 6’2″ and thus still being able to resemble more human-like dimensions, can in fact range in skin tone all the way from pasty-English white, meaning I could really be potentially far more racist than he. Especially since nowadays apparently your racism (according to SJWs) is based not on your actions, but on your skin colour.

This is a little ruined by the fact that I can also go all the way to definitely copper-tone-dago, depending on how much sunlight I am exposed to. Yeah. We Latino types are a sneaky bunch of so and so’s. Even more-so when you are Venetian like me, since my ancestors are well known for having screwed anything pretty since the dawn of history.

The Trojans after all are the ancestral descendants of the Venetians according to historical legends, and we all know that the original pussy-hunter Paris ultimately caused the war of Troy because he chose to accept as the bribe of the three Goddesses, not money or power, but the love of the most beautiful woman on Earth.

As Goddesses are won’t to do, it was neglected to mention that the lady in question was already married. To a rather powerful king. But I can’t blame Paris, who no-doubt falls somewhere in my distant ancestral line, being as even my surname is a Latinised version of a Greek word that means Lover, or depending on its root, friend.

Anyway, I digress.

Another member of the Evil League of Evil is the Beautiful but Evil Space Princess Sarah Hoyt whom I have not interacted with yet. Probably because of mysoginy or something on my part. It’s hard to know how Evil I truly am even to my Evil self. That’s just how Evil rolls.

And let’s not forget the indefatigable Editor and I think ultimately the guy who picked my story for inclusion, Tom Kratman: Grand Strategikon. We have traded insults about our views of martial arts and then I sent him a book. We also exchanged somewhat touching stories of what we can only call divine intervention in the lives of people we love. I tell you, the Evil these Evil Leaguers get up to knows no limits. Plus, this man is so Evilly racist that he married a beautiful lady with a slightly browner colouration than his own. Don’t be fooled, he is a devious military man. I am sure it’s all just a ploy to turn SJW heads into IEDs. He’s also apparently fluent in Latin. Surely nothing can be more of a proof of true Evil. (Update: he tells me he studied it for 6 years, but is not actually fluent in it. Still evil though.)

Well… except being a Redskin I suppose. Which is why Vox is the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil League of Evil.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the main point of the Evil doers I am mentioning is that they are all writers and they do not subscribe to the Cultural Marxism that seems to define the Political Correctness Movement, modern feminism, and many of the drone-like millennials who have been unfortunately raised “thinking” that being arrested and beaten for jaywalking is not just normal, but probably well and good. They are, in short, people who say what they think and are not overly concerned if that means you clutch at your pearls in a fainting spell. Also, they are actually quite funny. Because people with free minds see humour in a lot of life. Even the hard bits.

These are people who understand, for the most part, that the USA spearheaded a Nazi-driven coup in Ukraine for purely profit motives.

Who have not taken leave of their sense and the laws of physics, and understand that 9/11 did NOT happen the way the official story tells you it did (because buildings don’t just fall at freefall speed for no reason at all, like building 7 did, and don’t get me started on the rest since this is already unreasonably long!) and who generally have a good grasp of the nature and reality of the world around them, despite the constant media assault on the senses that is effectively and pretty much totally in the hands of forces of real evil.

Cultural Marxism is the very definition of evil. I am not a Christian ( I may get there yet, I certainly have evolved from an atheist, to an agnostic to a Deist and I am leaning pretty heavily in favour of Christianity, mostly as a result of studying it in depth and seeing if I can reconcile what people say about it and what I myself find to be the truth from first principles and sources) but it’s fair to say that one could comfortably use the word Satanic when defining what Cultural Marxism is. And if you don’t like big, political sounding words that you don’t understand, don’t worry. I hate them too.

I had no clue what Cultural Marxism was. But I read Vox Popoli regularly for a while and eventually one of the comments led me to a video that explained it very well.

Watch it. It may seem boring for about 5 minutes, but once you get past the initial resistance your mind has built up to anything that even vaguely sounds political, it will open your eyes to everything that is wrong with the world and, more importantly, what to do about it.

Page Break

How I came into contact with the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil League of Evil is somewhat documented here.

If you read that link you will notice that at first glance, I too thought perhaps Vox was a racist, fundamentalist zealot. But I have since then read more of his work and found it is far from the case. One of his books, The Irrational Atheist, was actually quite instrumental in giving me a new perspective on one aspect of what I still hesitate to call God, but really have no better word for. It is an analogy or a metaphor I have never encountered before, and I am not exactly unread on the topic. There have been a very few writers who have increased my tolerance (acceptance?) of Christianity. Initially, C. S. Lewis did so, but ultimately I found his works lacking in the depth I required. I mean, let’s be clear here, if there is a creating power that is omni-present and if not omni-potent, at least that seems like it from a human perspective, then I’d really prefer to know a few of the baselines about it. And in that, most writers have failed.

The one that changed it for me was Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in his book, The Phenomenon of Man. The reason this book affected me so much is because it scientifically proved (and I do NOT use this word loosely here. The man was both a Jesuit and a palaeontologist, but it was his rigorous science and honesty that proved, in an almost engineer-like fashion) not just the relevance of Christianity, but the pivotal Jesus-event in it. And how this was a perfectly natural thing. It is an amazing work and when he asked the church if he could publish it he was denied. As a Jesuit he had taken a vow of obedience, so he left his books with a friend who published them only after he died, so as not to break his oath. Regardless of any other considerations, this fact alone would place him in a very tiny minority of men with commendable integrity, and on that basis alone, his thoughts would be interesting to know anyway.

Another book that literally kept me sane through a very hard time is The Cloud of Unknowing. It is brilliant and amazing and the 14th Century mystic who wrote it remained anonymous for good reason. He probably would have been roasted at the stake back then for the truth he spoke if his identity had been made public. You can also download the original version, in Middle English, free on the internet from various places, and sometimes, the archaic language is even better at transmitting the concepts and views that he does so well using such a difficult medium as words. To try and describe and define the rules and ways of a reality, that, if you ever experience it, you will realise just how impossible it is to try and reduce into words is an almost impossible task, especially if aiming for any kind of precision, yet this anonymous Christian Mystic managed to do so in a way that is (at least to my current knowledge) probably without parallel.

Finally, a book called Myth and Ritual In Christianity, by professor Alan Watts, is the only place in which I found a description of an experience I had. It was the precision of this description, and its depth of understanding, that convinced me this was not some unique misfiring of my brain, or some chance occurrence of brain chemistry or lack of sleep, but an actual real event that, being such, would necessarily have had to have been experienced by at least some other humans, and indeed if so, there should be others that have experienced it and described it, regardless of how difficult it might at first seem to be. In this book Professor Watts not only clearly describes such an event in exacting detail, but he also explains why and how its occurrence is a necessary development of the continually evolving human being, and that indeed it cannot happen any other way. The details of the occurrence may be infinite, but the experience itself is very much similar for everyone that goes through it. Just like one can jump into a body of water, say a pool, in an almost endless number of ways, but the experience of suddenly being surrounded by water once you land in it, is really very much the same regardless of whether you dive, fall or are pushed in. One curious point, the copy I have of this book has notes in pencil in it, written by the author of Mary Poppins.

Beyond that, the only others who have had an influence were Rudolf Steiner (and it was a rather limited influence because a lot of his stuff seems just weird and strange to me, plus I read his stuff years ago and am not sure of my thoughts on it now. The most interesting part I recall was his view of the Templar Knights) and Vox Day in his Irrational Atheist.

I have recently found more evidence that has helped me go further towards Christianity, but these were life-events not easily transcribed into digestible word-format, at least not now.

And there is one more writer who may in due course be also useful or instrumental in my search, but it is too early to say, as his books are written in Portuguese, a language I am not very fluent in yet, and written in 1696. The version of his work I have is from 1944 and I found it wrapped in plastic and covered in dust in a strange little bookshop not far from St. Paul’s Cathedral in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but even closer to a smaller church, the name of which I am ignorant, but which I visited briefly, and which was dedicated to Mary. The writer is known as Padre Manoel Bernardes and the work is entitled Luz e Calor and is in two volumes. As it happens these two tomes have a strange story to go with them beyond the way I found them and how I purchased them, but I will tell it another time. For now, let’s just say that it seems to me, there was more than a little divine guidance involved.

Page Break

So…after that long diversion, the whole point of this post was just to say that, as usual, I am throwing my lot in with the rebels.

The last holdout of dark-side Jedis that know the Rebellion’s new government is just a sham bunch of fascists of the worst sort, and no, that doesn’t mean we agreed with Palpatine either.

The last of the Mohicans that will defiantly still throw his Tomahawk at the shining blue belly even when surrounded by multitudes, because screw it.

And if that makes me the equivalent of yet another Evil member of the Evil League of Evil, then so be it.

I’ll be yet another grey-coat wearing Reb, that, Jonah Hex-like, will ignore your ignorant claims of racism, bullying, evilness, butchery, baby-eating, or whatever other foul accusation spews forth from your frothing SJW rabid mouth. And I will ignore it thoroughly.

You know why? Cause I got me two six-guns and in order to really upset me you gotta try and kill me, and then…good luck to ya sucker, cause I have pretty good reflexes. So yeah, I’m throwing my lot in with the Redskin.


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