Revamp and the Torture Droid

Hello my faithful readers! I have been late for the last two posts, but aside from rigorous self-flagellation, I will not feel too bad about it. Life has been a little insane and I have too many things going on at once at the moment. One of these is the improvement of this site, which will include some surprises and some cleaning up. So if you ave any requests please speak up now.

I’ll get to a really interesting site I found in a minute, but before that let me tell you about some of the proposed changes around here…

The idea is to simplify the navigation bar and also make the main purpose of this blog a little easier to understand. Up till now it was buried here and I think very few of you ever even read this part of the FAQ.

You see, up until now, I had assumed you all just understood that this was a place for refined gentle-persons of high intellect to indulge in the investigation of many wondrous things, mostly linked to the amazing natural sciences. Which if you understood the last sentence, you would know includes sweaty sex. But apparently MTV has fried your attention span gland and now you are confused by anything non-one-dimensional.

On the other hand, my traffic stats went ballistic when I wrote about the Ancient Radios, so there really are some cool geeks among you. Do not fear, I shall continue to post a heady mix of things that interest me (and hopefully you too), but I will make the main message of this site a bit clearer. And in case you are wondering, that to increase your overall level of freedom in life. I want you to be living lives of high adventure you see. Inclusive of exotic travel, exotic science and exotic women.* It seems however, the art of being a polymath adventurer is a nearly lost one. As such, I find it incumbent upon myself to teach you young saplings how to go about having an adventurous life (and learning from you too).

So be good and let me know what kind of content you prefer. Here’s a short list to help you in your choices:

A) — Articles on practical steps to take to hit life’s five things you really need (useful stuff)

B) — General weird/sciency stuff (interesting stuff)

C) — Wild sexual escapades (entertaining stuff)

Rest assured I will include all three anyway, but I wanted to get a sense of things from you. So please just leave a comment with A, B or C and I will count all of you (probably on the fingers of one hand) for survey purposes.

Why do I care about you leading interesting adventurous and fun-filled lives? I care because I need more people like me around me damn it! And because I have this dream (Martin Luther King style…) of creating a little (but very cool) community of interesting people that excel at doing the different. Living differently, with a purpose that extends beyond their individual lives and somehow improves things a little bit wherever they go. And if that happens to be Indiana Jones style adventures on the way, all the better for it.

On the note of practical stuff….those of you wanting to quit your 9-5 job by buying into some of the hype you find on the internet would be very well-advised to read this slightly schizophrenic little droid’s blog. He calls himself Salty Droid (he gives his real name and address too though…in case people want to try and sue him. He’s not scared much at all), but I think he really is the Torture-bot from Star Wars. The vitriol is intense and at first can be a little off-putting, but once you understand why and what he is doing, it does make sense. For the MTV raised among you, here’s a short summary in my own words:

Salty droid exposes the frauds, scams and downright evil cynicism that populates the world of internet marketing, positive thinking and so on. I have to say that his adding of videos, recorded conversations and so on is quite effective in giving you a rude wake-up call. He even takes on Tony Robbins, which frankly, until I came across Salty Droid, I thought was mostly a force for good. I did see his TED talk though, and was far from impressed, and now this… it was a little sad, but I am glad for the cold-shower effect.

* The girls among you may think I am being sexist by assuming most of my readers are male, but you would be wrong. I am instead assuming all female readers are bisexual, which works much better for me.

4 Responses to “Revamp and the Torture Droid”

  1. petegraham says:

    Is it just me or is the pic meant to resemble one of those cctv drones they used to / still have in boots…
    Nice to see you again G.

    • G says:

      Interesting…. and makes perfect sense too of course… torture droids from the Empire in all Boots stores….you may be onto something here Pete!
      Of course, being as I am not exactly all that fond of rebel scum, I will have to report you for scanning and re-education to the nearest Imperial re-education centre. We can’t have this information getting out!

  2. Quitosana says:

    This website is really cool. How was it made !

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