SYSTEMA BOOK – The New, First and Only Complete Systema Manual in the World

Finally! It’s here (well almost, but it’s available for purchase at least!).

After a rather traumatic last few months, I have now been able to send off the brand new book for final edits.

You can see more information on it at: SYSTEMA BOOK

It is available for purchase now, but only 100 copies are available. The reason for this is that after the edit, the book will get proofed, and the printers generally run at least 100 books after they set the machines up, so there will be roughly 100 books available before they are launched anywhere. I have managed to get it so those copies will be shipped to me and I will personally autograph and mail each one of these 100 copies to you. Also, when you buy it, in the notes section you can type in whatever message you want [it seems some people do not get this option, in which case, just send me an e-mail with the message you want. Although, before I ship them out I will be sure to e-mail and ask people too. The first 100 buyers of my new book will get very good treatment, believe me] and I will write that too as your personal dedication (within a rather wide margin of semi-respectability anyway.). Plus…I’m not saying anything, but it is possible these first 100 copies come with an additional little freebie just exclusive for this small print run.

The book is more properly more of a Video-book because for the price you also get access to 30 training videos which will be made available exclusively to the book buyers. These will be issued through 2011 and spaced out about a week or 10 days or so apart, giving people enough time to train and practice between videos. So after a year you should be a pretty good ninja.

Also, unbelieving as it sounds (and I hate marketing hype, but this is not hype, it’s factual stuff you can test for yourself) I provide information that will make you have abilities that seem superhuman to practically 99.9% of the rest of humanity. Things like being able to “see” colours with your skin instead of your eyes, seeing auras (and I go into a lot more detail on this as well as the kinds of things you can expect to see if you learn to do this) and even short range telepathy. These type of “superpowers” are provided in the book in away that will allow you to test each of them for yourself in no more than 30 minutes each, and probably only 10 minutes in most cases to get a good result.

Nor are these the “big” superpowers, they are just the tasters so when you read about the more incredible stuff you at least have a basis for realising I am not just making stuff up, but I am reporting on real effects you can learn over time and with practice. And in each instance I have personally experienced these abilities myself, so it’s not just “good theory”. These are real skills, learnable and applicable in real life.

There is information in this book that has never before seen the light of day, as it was either classified or hidden in various ways. I have made it easy to assimilate and backed it up with all the latest research in various disciplines which proves scientifically some of the incredible stuff your body and mind can actually do if you let them.

I am also off to Brasil this w-end, so this post will be up as the home page a few days longer than usual as I will be in flight and then settling in with my in-laws for a few days as well as sorting out some last minute wedding stuff.

So … please go visit www.systemabook.com and buy yourself 50 copies for family and friends as Xmas gifts and as a wedding gift to me. Or you know…whatever excuses you need to tell yourself.

By the way…although it’s aimed at Martial Artists mainly, I have had a couple of people that normally HATE that sort of stuff read through the book and they have been shocked at the fact that they found it entertaining and interesting, so I hope I have succeeded in making it appeal to people who have never set foot in a gym too. Much of the information in it after all is usable in many life contexts that occur everyday, not just if you are fighting evil ninjas.

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  1. Tony Hoffart says:

    OK OK… I bought one. JEEZE.

    It looks crazy. And I know it will be. I probably would have bought one because your writing is always damn entertaining, but checking out what you’re offering, if you can even deliver on 1/10th of what’s advertised I’m sure I’ll be satisfied. The videos alone will be nice to work out with out here at camp, and systema honestly is one of two martial arts systems I’m seriously interested in pursuing.

    I’m looking forward to checking it out.

    • G says:

      Yes, I know. I always thought that the biggest obstacle would probably be people thinking it’s all hype. Well…there isn’t a single tiny bit of hype. Absolutely everything I talk about in the book I have personally experienced or done (except the bit about the navigation and I say so) and in most cases have been able to teach others to do the same, or certainly personally KNOW others who also have these abilities, (and even a few beyond) so yeah, it’s not the usual over-hyped stuff that doesn’t work.
      Besides, I absolutely HATE that attitude, so many people over-hyping some mediocre crap all-over the net and in life in general too. Very sad.
      I honestly worked my ass off to make sure what is in this book not only works but is right at the cutting edge of what is currently available/known about many interesting topics. I personally corresponded with various scientists for this, besides my own experiences, many of which are in the book too.
      I would say, after you use this book and the videos through 2011, towards a year from now, let me know if you think I exaggerated on anything. Anything at all.

  2. Optamisstik says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    What a great resource!

  4. Julio says:


    I too find it hard to believe, but have also found that there are some amazing things happening with Systema that takes more than the average training in martial arts, which I have a lot of, offers. So I also bought your book.

    I am looking forward to getting the book and applying what you wrote to my training, and seeing for myself how far I can go with this.

    Thank you for your courage and your efforts. Have an amazing holiday, and my your book find its way to my place soon.

    Best wishes,

    • G says:

      Hi Julio (and Cortes! What a cool name, sounds like a movie star),
      thanks for buying the book.
      I am also hoping that the final edit and first small proofing print run will be done very soon as I am still hoping to get these out to people by Xmas. It’s unfortunately not completely up to me though. But in any case, everyone who bought one of these pre-release copies is now on a list of elite customers. You early shoppers have shown a lot of trust by paying so far in advance and I will see to it that you are treated like VIPs regarding all the material that will be released in 2011 with the videos too.
      Thanks again, and feel free to drop in here any time, as I will undoubtedly post updates here too as well.

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  6. John Kelly says:

    Any news on when the Systema book will be dispatched ?

    Best wishes,


    • G says:

      Hi John,
      glad you got in touch, you are one of two people whose e-mail provided did not work. You have now been sent a private mail to the address you left this message from, which should resolve the issue.

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