Systema: The Russian Martial System — Now on Amazon.com


The book is finally available on Amazon.com, HERE. Table of contents added at the end of this post.

Just keep in mind that regardless of where you get the book from, your purchase of it will also ensure you have access to 30 instructional videos which will be released later this year.

The videos will still take a while before they are available, as there are some improvements we are making as well as some requirements due to the production of them that we can’t discuss at this point.

As with the book though, the final product will only be improved because of it. The advance copies were all shipped and we are already receiving e-mails that are very, very kind.

Most people did not expect that the book would cover as much as it does, it’s 475 pages long and does cover a LOT of science stuff that has never been mentioned before in these contexts. Most of the advance buyers expected quite a book, but I am happy to report that so far, everyone we have heard from was pleasantly surprised even though I had set a pretty high expectation bar concerning the “superpowers” and so on.

One enthusiastic reader has even left a review already. he e-mailed to tell me he had read through most of the book in only a few days!

Thank you all for the amazing support and really cool e-mails to all those that have contacted me concerning the book and it’s contents. It’s a real pleasure to know that what I intended is being received as I intended. It is a rare privilege for a writer to know he or she has even a single reader truly grasp his intent and effort. To have dozens of people do so in such a short time is amazing and very humbling. I am very grateful to you all and so happy that you are finding it useful and inspiring.

I have added the table of contents here below for those of you that wanted to know a little more before jumping in with both feet.






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  1. Tan JianLiang says:


    I’m JianLiang from Singapore. I wanted to know if there is anyway that I can purchase this book by paypal as amazon doesn’t have this mode of payment. If I were to pay by cards, I will lose out quite an amount just by converting the money twice.

    If you’re open to this, please let me know asap.

    Thank you

    Best Regards,

    • G says:

      Hi JianLiang,
      It seems Amazon can accept paypal payments if you add a pay-pal plug-in. This was on an amazon comment board and may help:

      In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2008 1:44:53 PM PDT
      Robbit says:
      Amazon doesn’t “officially” accept PayPal, but you can still use PayPal to pay for your Amazon purchases. All you need to do is install the new PayPal Plug-In. It’s great. You can use PayPal EVERYWHERE online. Login to your PayPal account, and look toward the left on your account summary screen. Click on PayPal Plug-In and the rest is easy. It’s the greatest software invention I’ve seen in awhile. I used to not shop at certain sites because they didn’t take PayPal. Now I don’t need to worry about it.

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