Eating Disorder Testimonials

Ms. A. Aged 33: — Presenting Condition: Acute Bulimia over a period of 13 years uninterrupted. Multiple consultations throughout the period with various specialists, medical doctors, alternative therapists, psychiatrists and hypnotherapists all proved unsuccessful.

“I had essentially given up on ever finding a cure for this affliction, which I hid from most people. I did one session with Giuseppe even though I had already had multiple sessions with other Hypnotists and never resolved the problem. I think it’s fair to say that although I decided to try this, in all honesty I had no hope or confidence or belief that the process would work at all for me.

Unsurprisingly after this session I didn’t feel particularly different however within a short space of time I began to stop behaving as a bulimic. I began to count the days that I did not behave this way any longer. A day went by, then two and soon I was approaching a whole week. Giuseppe only contacted me again over the phone a few other times. The conversations we had seemed relatively normal to me though I do not really recall their specific content.

Soon I had gone two weeks without having any bulimic episodes. I started to doubt I could do this for much longer and also during this time I had some major and turbulent episodes in my life which would normally have sent me right over the edge again, yet surprisingly I did not revert to this behaviour. After about a month I began to think that this condition was maybe actually behind me. Giuseppe saw me another time informally after about 5 or 6 weeks and though no official hypnotic trance was knowingly entered into we spoke for some time and I did feel as if some changes had occurred in me.

To this day it’s a running joke with me that I “do not believe in hypnosis!” I have now been free of bulimia for over three years and can confidently say I am permanently over this problem. I really have no idea how or why it worked or what exactly he did to help me, but I recommend him pretty much to anyone and everyone for just about anything. The life change I experienced as a result of this is immense and I am forever grateful.”



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