Instant Healing of a Burn Testimonials


Ms. M. Aged 29: — Presenting Condition: Accidental burn.


“I knew G was a hypnotist but as we knew each other for reasons unrelated to his work it did not really come up until a day when we had decided to see a film together. As we were early I chose to have a coffee. When it arrived, engaged in conversation, I took a large mouthful unhesitatingly, unfortunately there must have been something wrong with the coffee machine’s temperature setting because it was far too hot, so much so I actually went into a bit of a shock from the pain as I immediately spit the coffee back into the cup.

G noticed and asked if I was ok. I shook my head as I couldn’t actually speak and he sat next to me and told me not to worry that he would hypnotise me for the pain. He began speaking as he gently put a hand on me and I had the strangest sensation of simply falling away so fast that I startled myself back into awareness. Before I could express it, G asked if I had become afraid and I said yes. He told me this was normal sometimes if going into a deep hypnotic state suddenly and not used to it, but that I was safe here, we were in a public setting, nothing harmful could happen to me and he was just going to hypnotise my pain away. So I relaxed and surrendered to this process. I instantly went into trance again and though I have no memory of the induction I recall coming out of it feeling extremely calm and without any pain left. I thought perhaps a long time had passed but the film had not even started yet so it must have only taken a few minutes.

Most astonishingly was that I completely forgot about what would have otherwise undoubtedly been a nasty burn. The next day G asked me if I had any skin peeling at all in my mouth as one normally does from such experiences but I did not. In truth I am not sure how he did it, but the inside of my mouth was perfectly normal and suffered no burn at all.”



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