Past Life Regression Testimonials


Ms. L. Aged 25: — Presenting Condition: Curiosity about past lives.

“I didn’t really believe in hypnosis being able to really work on me, nevertheless I was curious to see if anything meaningful would happen so I decided to try a past life regression. The process was different from what I expected as I was fully aware of what was occurring throughout, which I did not expect. I did recall an experience that seemed very real to me. There was no prompting from Giuseppe towards any particular past or setting or time, so the memory would seem genuine to me. The sensation of it was indeed like a memory from another time as opposed to something imagined or guessed at. I was also surprised to find that recalling this experience made me understand my current relationship with my father better and released some previously unexplained tension we had between us since I can remember. At the time of the session I found myself crying with release and understanding and my relationship with my father has much improved as a result so I can only recommend the process to anyone that is open to trying it as it was very positive for me.”



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