Hypnosis Show Testimonials

Ms N. and Mr E. Aged 24 and 27: Situation: Impromptu house party

When it became known G was a hypnotist my girlfriend and I persuaded him to hypnotise us, and soon a few people wanted to join in. He was reluctant at first, but eventually the crowd got the better of him. Soon we had a small group of some half-dozen people in a trance. He did a rather rapid induction and had them go on a little internal trip filled with good sensations and powerful imagery. We later approached him again and eventually asked him about using hypnosis to heighten our enjoyment in the bedroom and after a little explanation he sat us down and did another more private induction despite people milling around us in general. I am not sure if I can relate in graphic detail the results for his audience, also because though anonymous, some people might recognise us even though this event happened some time ago, but suffice it to say that we have incorporated some of the results we obtained that evening in our relationship and my girlfriend and I are probably ready to join any cult he might want to start up at some future point. The man is all about having a good life!



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