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The Evil Empire of Evil

Evil Empire of Evil


You may know about the Evil Legion of Evil and it’s admirable assault on the forces of Political Correctness. You may in fact, even be a Vile Faceless Minion. You may even be Proud about it. And yet; there remains an unfulfilled level of pride. And as the Evil Empire of Evildoers well know, Arrogant pride in our Evilness is basically a requirement. Many Vile Faceless Minions are required. Indeed we must accept that their bodies are useful for the making of steps with which we, more arrogant, more specifically and intentionally Evil, Evildoers climb over the bastions of Social Justice Wankerism and storm the ideological walls of Cultural Marxism with relish, jumping right in the midst of their fortified keeps and slashing away with crimson lightsabers at will.

Some of us, you see, are not satisfied in being simply faceless and nameless minions. Some of us want our face and names recognised and feared throughout the Galaxy. You get better table service for one.

In order to avoid confusion, here is a schematic to show you how the Evil Empire of Evil relates to the Evil Legion of Evil as a subset. If the shape seems suggestive to your unconscious of any other vast Galactic conflicts, let that just be reassurance that we, on the side of Evil, are going about this the right way.



You see, the Evil Legion of Evil has accomplished the admirable goal of setting fear and terror on the enemy in generic, broad, and far-reaching terms. One could say, the rabbits have now felt a veritable tremor in the force.

We of the Evil Empire of Evil though, are slightly different. We pride ourselves on being the very tip of the sword (light/sabre/javelline/dagger-in-the-dark) and take immense pleasure on being the first line out front. Whether our attacks be overt or covert, we do so in typical 4GW fashion and do so in perfect individualistic style, which in any case, is a deep-rooted facet of the Evil League of Evil of which we are but a tiny subset. Our overt attacks are necessary to bring to our side the weak Evil Doers who are currently loitering in the dangerous Trench of Moderate Evil Weakness. We are not to tolerate such self-sabotage.

Do we need permission from the Supreme Dark Lord of Darkness to do our own thing? No. We do not. Do you need my permission? No. You do not.

You, as a trained and decent Evil Empire of Evil, Dark Jedi Assassin, know that you are to hunt out the enclaves of Vegan, alfa-alfa-eating, Jedi wanna-bees, equality-is-our-diversity, gender-is-a-social-construct, criticise-all-religions-except-the-ones-whose-members-will-kill-you-for-it, Social Justice Wankers, everywhere where they may try and impose their tyranny, be it on our books, on the films we are allowed to see or make, on the games we are allowed to make, buy and play, and let them know this is NOT their Galaxy.

Let them know that thoughts different from theirs not only exist, but will continue to thrive, and that if they want their Marxist “paradise” they can do so by purchasing a large area of land, building a tall wall and staying on the other side of it.

We will leave them alone in their enclaves of groupthink as long as they do not dare to set foot on the general landscape where we live, work and go about our Evil doing in naturally Evil things, such as, minding our own business, thinking whatever we want, reading books that entertain us and that we enjoy and ridiculing the idiotic, mass-murdering psychopathology that is Political Correctness in its ultimate and final aims. Resisting Nihilism and recognising that objective truth, reality and justice are all things which exist and are not “relative”. You do not have your own “truth”. Even if you are a journalist. There is only one truth, it applies to all of us equally and it can be discerned by anyone willing to spend the time and energy to do so at any given point in time and circumstance.

So… where does that leave YOU. Yes YOU, faced, named, Dark Jedi Assassin of the Evil Empire of Evil?

Well. The logo up there is for anyone within the subset of the Evil Legion of Evil that feels that just a number to their faceless evil minion status is not enough. They may want to put that logo on a T-Shirt and ATTEND the voting of Worldcon in person. THOSE are the types of Evil Minions we in the Evil Empire of Evil recognise as our own. March into that Worldcon meeting proudly with your Evil Empire of Evil shirt displaying openly. Let others know, you will read what you want. You will vote for who you want, and you will not be told what to think or what to read, or how you should vote by anyone. And if you want to be really subversive, do it with the logo above, or with Vox’s, or with your own. The important point is that the Evil Empire of Evil will recognise those Evildoers who take on the forces of SJWs directly. If you are going to Worldcon to vote in person, then do so as a Dark Jedi Assassin.

I also do this, because as Vox clearly said, the leading style of some of us Evildoers, is rather…erm…lax. Therefore, the inspiration required to throw your bodies selflessly at the enemy should really come from yourselves. You are welcome for my deeply inspirational bit of leadership right here in making a logo just specific to your individual brand of Evilness. You may thank me by going forth into relentless ideological battle with the SJWs.

I would join you myself, but as the Worldcon is in the USA, I must, in the best tradition of Evil Leaders of Evil Forces since time immemorial, lead from behind.

And remember, I am the Evil Empire of Evil and so can you.



* The Evil Empire of Evil recognises honorary members whether they like it or not. (We consider ourselves a small subset of the Evil Legion of Evil after all).

These are the brave souls who take on the enemy directly and fight at the head of the various legions of faceless evil minions.

As such, even though from another time where metal flaming swords were more common than our own focused beams of light, we give Honourary  status of Dark Lord of Evilness to Vox Day. We also recognise the following, who may all now add Honorary Knight (or Lady) of the Evil Empire of Evil to their official titles, if they so wish:

Dark Lords of Evilness

Vox Day – Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil

Knights (and Ladies) of the Evil Empire

Larry Correia – International Lord of Hate

John C. Wright – Grand Inquisitor

Brad Torgersen – Blue Care Bear of Flamethrowing Compassion

Tom Kratman – Grand Strategikon

Sarah Hoyt – Beautiful but Evil Space Princess

Kate Paulk – Kate the Impaler

 ** Would-be members to the above list can apply by sending an email and links to their exploits. Membership in the Evil Empire of Evil is totally and completely up to my sole discretion, can be given out regardless of whether you want it or not and can be revoked whenever I feel like it.

It’s good to have simple standards to be able to adhere to.

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  1. Morris says:

    “Blue Care Bear of Flamethrowing Compassion”

    Bahahaha! I missed that one..

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