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The Roosh Event in London

Well, first of all, let me say I enjoyed Roosh. I was pleasantly surprised. Now, in order to understand why that is a seriously powerful endorsement, you need to know that in general my opinion of PUAs is somewhere below contempt. I have written on this before, and I will now go on a little detour to explain what I think is wrong with PUAs in general. If you don’t care, feel free to skip to the next bolded heading further down.


It’s not that they try to get laid with lots of women, that’s just called being male.

It’s the lies. The hypocrisy. The weakly bendy springs they have in places of spines. I wrote about these so-called PUAs before. They are, in the main, a bunch of pathetic liars and desperate narcissists trying to impose their fantasies on other men’s minds. For cash. They are, in the main, utterly transparent to anyone who actually has any ability to have women willingly remove their underwear for your and their mutual pleasure and entertainment.

I do keep a certain level of mild interest and “tabs” on some of the more “notorious” PUAs for a couple of reasons. One is that despite their rather tragic natures, there is, actually a seed of potential evolution in a man who gets on the path of deciding that he wants to try and match (the original, accept no substitutes) James Bond’s superpowers at getting women to bed. And I would say that Roosh probably has tapped into that better than any other PUA I have seen so far. The necessary requirements for becoming interesting as a potential sex partner/friend-with-benefits/alternative to gym/potential partner/spouse may not all be identical, but they certainly share a large number of overlaps, and most of these will force a man to improve himself in some way.

If you are an overweight, slobbery, badly dressed, poor, socially awkward man with bad personal hygiene, wanting to get laid a lot will force you to improve.

You’ll learn thrilling skills like personal grooming, eating well and exercising regularly, become ambitious so you can afford the costs of a better overall lifestyle and the price of taking a girl out. You may even decide to learn enough about fashion to begin to understand what outfits suit you best and most importantly, you will learn to mingle with many different people and become less socially awkward as you expose yourself more and more to more and more people from all walks of life. You may even decide to take up a sport, a new hobby, and so on. In this path of pussy-chasing, there is much that a man will do that is naturally beneficial to both him and society at large.

Regardless of whether you agree with the pussy-chasing as a general activity or not, the secondary benefits of it are undeniable. And this is the potential that learning “Game” (I hate that term) has.

Unfortunately, without some true realisations, if you do all these things and then still really make pussy-chasing ALL that your life is about…well, then, in my view, you’re a pretty pathetic guy. And THAT is my main gripe with PUAs. Most of them are pathetic guys. And most of them are because they don’t actually ever get their fill of pussy.*

In other words, a PUA only begins to become interesting (and indeed most men) once he had his fill of “strange”. Which for some men is not enough after 300 and for others it’s enough after they marry their highschool sweetheart.

Roosh has definitely reached the point of becoming interesting. He had his fill. And at this point, one can then begin to have interesting conversations.

He did give a bit of PUA tips (which was thankfully a relatively short segment) and I suppose they were ok as far as that stuff goes, though neither I nor an ex-boxer audience-member I spoke to afterwards agreed at all with Roosh’s methodology or his contention that if you are a 6/10 you’re unlikely to bed a 9/10. That is just not true. And it is eminently doable, but then, this aspect of his talk was not why I came to listen to him, and as the guy sitting next to me said when he asked what I thought of this section and I said the equivalent of “meh,” it is a general framework for the average man.

UPDATE: Roosh further explained in an email that when he meant 6/10 he was referring to the whole package, not just physical looks. Which actually makes a lot more sense. I still have seen long term relationships where a 6 is with a 9 but it is true in those cases the woman usually has some pretty serious self-esteem issues, or she’s on long-term hire. So it looks like I misinterpreted what he meant.

And it probably works well enough in that context. I don’t really know what that is like, because… I honestly don’t know. So I am not an objective reporter on this point and you should probably ignore my view. Only 2 of us seemed to have it out of about 60-70 men there.

Possibly it’s because since I was 16 and I approached the first girl I liked, my MO has been a little bit…err…direct, to put it mildly. Maybe it’s my slight Aspergers, maybe it’s that I just don’t enjoy pretending in general, but I couldn’t relate to how Roosh described getting a girl into bed; all with a very codified and planned, conscious methodology. Though to his credit he did say that was just a guideline and in the end you would have to make it your own “script”.

All I know is that this section of the talk certainly didn’t speak to me. Or the ex-boxer type. Apparently neither of us felt it was unlikely to get a girl who is a 9 or 10 in bed, regardless of the fact we were both follically challenged to put it mildly. Maybe our naturally phallic head shape gets the hotties going. Maybe it’s the fact we both enjoyed a hobby that is essentially punching the crap out of each other with another bunch of men. Who knows, and frankly, I don’t much care.

The Interesting Roosh.

Roosh is interesting because he is not really any longer talking about how to get some random half-drunk, club-hopping floozie into bed. Or a sober one in daytime for that matter. He is trying to understand how to navigate life as a normal, sexual, straight male in a world that is increasingly unhinged and in which Bruce Jenner, an Olympic gold medallist that fathered 6 kids with 3 different women who suddenly decided to become a “woman” is hailed as a hero. As I believe he put it “we now live in a society that celebrates Bruce Jenner for being mentally ill.”

It is also a society that consistently marginalises straight men. And here I need to go off at another little tangent. I also quite dislike in extremis MRAs, and I don’t want you to get this confused with being some MRA movement.

(Feel free to skip to the next bold heading if you don’t want to read my tirade on MRAs)

Men Rights Activistist seem to me to be just so many pussified whiners. Considering my own situation, which my friends know, I can safely say that when it comes to horror stories about child custody battles etc. I am right up there near the very front of the point of the lance with respect to how the so-called legal system “works”.

My daughter was abducted to Brazil by her mother over 2 years ago and despite Brazil being a signatory to the Hague Convention on parental abduction, to date, not a single case of return of a parentally abducted child from Brazil has been successful. If you think there are only a few cases you’re very, very wrong.

So any criticism that “I don’t know what I am talking about” you can kindly wrap very tightly and shove it very deeply.

The reality that the courts, “society” in general, HR departments across the globe and social media in general are all against the normal, straight male (and a bit more if you happen to be white, and maybe a bit more still if you happen to be Christian instead of some other religion) does not, in and of itself, however, mean that MRAs are not a bunch of whiny pussies all the same. And to me they are.

So let’s not get confused here about this being some kind of MRAs movement, or at least, maybe Roosh sees it that way, I didn’t ask, but I don’t think so.

He seems to be a very rational guy who has just been paying attention. And his observations have led him to notice that men are surrounded, apparently outnumbered and no matter what happens always in the wrong and always the oppressor. No matter if they commit suicide at higher rates than any other human class. No matter that they are invariably taking the worst end of the stick in any divorce and parental custody case. Men are always the problem.

Secret Societies

In fact, his event had to be scheduled so that he sent out the location of the venue only the day before in order to avoid having a bunch of hairy lesbians embittered by the lack of male attention and undersexed white knights feminists, waving placards demonstrating outside the venue.

He had a BBC crew in attendance who filmed the event under condition that if they filmed any one of our faces (not Roosh) they would have to blur them out. Personally I don’t give a shit. I had about as much nonsense from any HR department on the planet as I am ever going to take. I’ll say what I want, write what I want and think what I want.

And while the oncoming totalitarian Nazi hordes of SJWs and other Groupthinkers may succeed at eventually putting all people of my kind in mass graves or gulags, they will not do so quietly, or easily or without taking hits to their side, regardless of numbers.

Roosh explained how his talk in Berlin happened to coincide with a gay pride march, which apparently was a genuine coincidence.

He described how in this march there were bare-chested and mostly naked men making a spectacle of themselves and in some cases men openly humping each other in public. He described how one of these individuals had a dwarf in a gimp costume on a leash. And all this going on in public in the same streets where normal men, women and children were exposed to this activity.

Roosh’s point? It was his small group of men that had to hide as if they were freaks.

And his question is, how did we get here. How did we wake up one day to find out that the 60 or 70 guys in this room are the minority freaks because we happen to be normal, straight men?

His view is that there is a definite intent in destroying the family unit and that this is pushed by the elite in power because an atomised civilian structure means more capital, more wage slaves and more general profit and control to those few in power.

He explains how the thing you carry in your pocket is a Trojan horse, brainwashing you 24/7. Between your smart phone, TV and the music industry you are bombarded constantly with messages that freakdom is normal and to be accepted and as I have been saying for some time, and as Hitler realised long ago, it doesn’t matter what the lie is. Make it as big as you like, just keep pumping it out there in the mass media and pretty soon the people will, sheep-like, adopt it as their own truth.

9/11 remains the classic example of this I like to bring up, though, to his credit Roosh did not mention it at all.

The meeting was composed of probably about 70 men and one young woman. The young woman happened to state she was engaged to be married and planned to have kids right away, which, in terms of how we have lived for thousands of years, is actually what we’re designed to do as human beings. For millennia we have acted as family units and the primary and most stable component in humanity is in fact the family unit. This is obvious to anyone who studies history, humanity as a whole and so on.

Roosh did not specifically identify the main perpetrators of the disintegration of the family unit, but obviously, radical feminism, mainstream media, normalising of pathological mental states, capitalism with its focus on making as many people as possible wage-slaves, or communism, with it’s focus on making us all into interchangeable machine parts, the use of technology that has reduced our attention span to seconds instead of hours and so on, all contributed to the destruction of the family unit. And women, according to all measurements made on the subject, are more unhappy than they have ever been.

So much for liberation.

So what is the fix? Roosh is not yet completely sure on this, but he is working on it. And he wants men to begin to take note and begin to resist the forces of chaos, so to speak. He stressed he very much wishes for all of this to be done completely non-violently.

He then, thanks to some questions from yours truly and a couple of others, went on to describe how he is reading the Bible to try and see what worked in the past and how human civilisation has proceeded successfully up to about a few decades ago.

It seemed pretty clear to me he is reading the Bible in a relatively secular and objective manner, which I thought was interesting, because prior to my having had an experience that convinced me there is a Loving God two years and a bit ago, I found any attempt to read the Bible to be mind-numbingly boring. Now…I find it utterly fascinating. Roosh is clearly a more open minded person than I am because he seems able to see the truth of the Bible even without having had any specific revelation of there being a Loving God. He is simply reading it and observing reality around himself. And trying to take not of what works and what doesn’t. He specifically said he is not reading the Bible as a document of archaeological fact. He is instead interested in the spirit of it. And that, I think is as good a description of how to read the Bible as a secular person as you can have.

Keep in mind that having Armenian roots, he is not from a specifically Christian background. He mentioned how his grandfather I believe had 4 wives and 26 children.

I do that too in a different way, and I suppose each man tries to do this in his own way.


If you have a chance to go, attend one of his talks.

The cross-section of men who attended ranged from about 20 to probably 50+ with me being toward the top end at 45. At least three or four of us are fathers of small children, some are married, some engaged and some just recently broke up with a girl-friend in order to bang their way around the world. There were all races and religions represented and it was beautiful for me to be able to be in a room where regardless of colour or religion we could all just speak our minds. Including immigration, difference between Islamic way and Western ways, and all done with brutal honesty but no animosity. THAT is what talking honestly among men is and should continue to be like. Being able to say exactly what you think, and being heard, and having the other guy do the same back at you and you hearing him in turn. That is what being a man is. And it’s high time men started doing more of it. Everytwhere. And fuck the politically correct multitudes of brainwashed SJWs. Those people have a long history of killing millions whenever they get into positions of power.

Roosh wants to meet and become friends with more like-minded men and that is part of his reason for doing the world-tour. And I sincerely wish him all the best. He is doing great things and I didn’t think I’d ever be endorsing a PUA, but the times…they’re a changing.

In Conclusion

Personally I had my mind made up about this sort of thing long ago, but if you need a little inspiration, know that I’ll be fighting right alongside my black-skinned negro friend who wears a rebel flag on his chest, my Muslim-born raghead Kurdish friend who will stand next to me in a fight against the mass-murdering ISIS fighters if we ever meet any, and my life-long moustache-wearing Ukrainian friend who has never touched a drop of alcohol in his life.

In fact, next week I am going to meet up with a well known Evil Lord of Evil who is a Redskinned savage, and I hope to take a picture with him and Milo Yannopaulos, the most flamingly gay man ever accused of being a vicious homophobe you will ever meet.

And they can call me their Dago friend while we have a drink together wishing ill-health on the real bigots, the real Nazis, the real fascists and real thought police that are shaping up to make this planet the totalitarian hell-hole they want to create.

Fuck political correctness and fuck the SJWs.

We are going to keep being Niggers, Crackers, Gooks, Fags, Indians (dot and feather) and calling it each other too, in friendship and in anger, as the mood and the individual takes us, because we are the actual tolerant ones.

We genuinely tolerate dissent. And most important of all, we don’t care about your bullshit politically correct agenda. Got it?

We. Don’t. Care.

We piss all over your Nazi Cultural Marxist Ideology and everything it stands for.

*Because contrary to popular belief they actually strike out far more than your average guy who has never even heard of “game” but is not scared of just trying his way towards women he is genuinely interested in. And keeps moving on to the next one if the first one was not interested.

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