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USA Begins Biowarfare on Europe?



These days of course, we are all, every one of us, a so-called conspiracy theorist. That term used to mean you were a tin-foil hat wearing crazy who believed UFOs regularly abducted you for possible implantation of the Zeta Reticulan version of a cheap Taiwanese radio somewhere in your flesh. Anal probes were almost demanded rather than expected. And not wearing your tin-foil hat meant you kinda liked it and wanted it to happen more often.

But this was a brief period. Its height was between 1958 and 1963 really. Sometime after 1963 and the Kennedy assassination, anyone who actually used the laws of physics, rational observation, and demonstrable facts to investigate any of the many excesses of government (but particularly US government) became a “conspiracy theorist”. You didn’t “believe” that Oswald was the only lone gunman? Well you must be a Godless communist conspiracy theorist. And so it went. Shadows of the McCarthy hearings still strong on the tail of the 1963 murder of JFK. So here are some interesting facts for you. You may stock up on that tin foil before you begin reading though.Firstly, let’s just dispel the idea that we “modern” homo sapiens are any smarter than our ancestors. The average vocabulary of your early 20th Century American was roughly three times that of your average American today. That statistic does not apply only to the US. While the UK had a class-divide system that was much more evidenced than in the US, somewhat skewing the problem differently, the pertinent facts remain the same. Read any of the brilliant papers produced by university students at the turn of the 19th Century into the 20th, and you will be hard-pressed to find a modern student of the same subject that can understand the paper fully, much less reproduce one of similar depth of thought.

Secondly, let’s agree on a second point. I have been thinking about this for some time and I think with respect to the events of 9/11 we can basically use them as a very excellent filter for stupidity. I know that’s putting it a little harshly, others may wish to say “confusion” or misdirection, or “susceptibility to the media” or whatever. I say stupid is stupid. So here it is:

If you happen to believe the mainstream media’s version of events regarding 9/11 and indeed accept the government’s study on the events, in other words, the official story, as being basically true and correct, then, my dear reader, as far as I am concerned, you are an idiot. There can be no middle ground on this. Either the laws of physics apply equally and rationally in a universe that follows certain laws, or else, we may as well all be on an acid trip that resides in the burnt out “mind” of George W and his brainless ilk.

  • Buildings do not collapse spontaneously on their own footprint at freefall speeds.
  • Buildings do not collapse completely and structurally as a result of fires that cannot affect the supporting steel and reinforced concrete “skeleton”.
  • Buildings do not spontaneously collapse out of fear because a couple of their neighbours collapsed recently (Building 7 was never hit by a plane, never hit by anything in fact. It just sort of fell to the same rubble that the towers did for…well…no reason apparently)
  • Use your own eyes and read up on some engineering if you must. Study the evidence that is presented by the Government critically.
  • Explain to me how a jumbo jet disintegrates itself against a building (the Pentagon) without leaving a hole that is at least as big as the plane itself. (Note: you have to use actual laws of physics as they exist, this is not one of those fictional questions such as: Describe [using comic book physiscs] how your superhero character survives an atomic blast while being at ground zero.)
  • Explain to me how come at least one or two of the “terrorists” that were supposedly on the planes involved in 9/11 actually turned up alive and well (if a little upset and confused at having their picture on the front page of many newspapers around the world) in Egypt.

So yes. If you believe the official story concerning 9/11, you need read no further. You are too stupid to be on this site. The articles are too long and the words have too many syllables. Please go away. Some of you may think this is a harsh policy, reducing my readership from the scant half-dozen strays to a random lunatic with a tin-foil hat, but please understand. My blog is not a popularity contest, I write what I want here because I like doing so, but more importantly, if you have given up the basic capacity of using your own eyes and mind and have handed those functions over to the television talking heads, if you have handed over your ability to understand basic concepts of physics and maths and logic in order to “fit in” and be “accepted” by a society that by default has already done those things, then you sir, or madam, have no place in my general vicinity. We have nothing in common. Reading any further will only make you very uncomfortable and possibly cause pain to your frontal lobes. On the small chance you actually power through and begin to form an opinion, change your mind and form two or three new neural connections that do not involve soap operas, you will immediately lose all your “friends” and peers. Your household bill will also increase dramatically due to all the tin-foil you may be buying whilst making the difficult transition from brainwashed zombie to thinking individual. In these early critical stages one is not too sure what is a joke or not, and, rationally, wanting to be safe rather than sorry, and tin foil being pretty cheap…it is only a matter of time before you look like Joaquim up there.

But enough of 9/11, I think I have made my point with my usual subtlety and concern for your fragile little egos. We move on now to the deadly cucumbers. Now. I have never been partial to cucumbers. In fact, I do not know of a man that actually likes cucumbers. This has been an informal study you understand, but there may be some link between how homosexual you are and how much you like cucumbers [see? this is where the people who can’t think for themselves get confused. Is he really saying….or…no…is it a joke? Wait…do *I* like cucumbers? And John? My big friend John…Oh God! No! Wait, let me watch Easteneders!]

Anyhow, It seems that some cucumbers that were apparently originating in Spain, but sent to Germany, had some virulent strain of e.coli that killed quite a few people and hospitalised a whole lot more. The e.coli in question appears to be resistant to up to 8 different anti-biotics and also seems to have a couple of genes that basically kill humans. All things that cannot happen in nature from one day to the next. Hey, don’t take my word for it. Go read up on it yourself. Do a few google searches. And here is another report on it that whilst I don’t agree with completely, has a lot more links to some other resources concerning the official studies done on the e.coli in question.


“Oh but..bh..bhut…surely not…” say the blubbering TeeVos (It’s like a new word for Zombie) “Wh.wh..why would anyone do that on purpose”, meaning, why would anyone intentionally create a deadly strain of rather incurable e.coli and then release it for the purpose of killing people and causing a panic with economic consequences? Right. No one would do that. Surely. And surely not government agencies. Trust the government. The government is good. We have such evidence for this (the government being good) over the years. Or a huge ginormous corporation that could profit from it like Monsanto. Or the two working together. No, surely not. Huge corporations and the government never have anything to do with each other. Haliburton, part owned by the vice president of America, did not just get a whole bunch of contracts worth many billions for “rebuilding” Iraq after it was carpet bombed and invaded by the US. That didn’t happen because if it had, well, it would show a clear evidence of corruption so rife people couldn’t stomach it surely. Right? Yeah…right.

Did you know that Spain refused to allow American style GM food into its country recently? Do you understand that those sawdust tasting oranges and other fruits you now eat that have almost no seeds any more, are not really how nature produced them? Do you know that your tomatoes taste slightly of fish because a fish gene has been introduced into them because it keeps them looking redder and riper for longer. Looking mind you. Not actually fresh, but looking fresh. Like L’Oreal. Because you’re worth it.

If you start to look at these trends, then the picture concerning the US economy is clear. For the last 30-50 years the US has been making its own economic problems concerning its utterly preposterous game concerning the issue of money (this becomes rather complex even for those who do read this blog regularly, so I will not go into it now) felt by other countries. Usually third world countries, who collapse in some horrific fashion for a while but hey, who cares, because it’s all just some third world people living way “over there”. But as of 2008 or so the game has been “up”. Well…not so much for the actual few people who caused it, but for a lot more people than before.

So the world economy crashed and why was that exactly? Why should a bunch of bad debts in the US affect you in London or Tokyo, or Gaborone? But it did. When you can understand why, you will have a good handle on how the world actually works. I expect there will be a handful of us by 2050 or so if anything is left standing.

To be fair, the truth concerning these things is NOT hard to understand if it is explained in a clear and direct fashion. It can be done in about one or two hours of basic education concerning how money came about and how it has progressed (regressed) to how it is today and a little education about the financial class (the scummy parasites running things like the Federal Reserve and the IMF and big banks and so on). Truly it is NOT hard to understand and it IS interesting. IF, and it’s a big IF, it were explained simply and directly. You think soap operas have drama? Trust me, the real story of money has drama that makes the most absurd plot of any telenovela seem like high art by comparison. Stuff so absurd you just shake your head in amazement.

But a clear and concise level of truth, of course, is not in the interest of the Banker class and therefore a whole tsunami of boredom, fake theories of economics, and even degrees in artificial nonsense that has no bearing in reality, are produced and vomited all over the place precisely to make it difficult and confusing to sort the truth from the high-fiction. Has anyone here ever tried to take a course in “business economics”? The theory of macro and micro economics? Ever been fed that bunch of crap at some university somewhere? Could you swallow it? I certainly could not. The absolute logical fallacies were beyond my ability to stomach. I lasted three months before I moved to civil engineering, where at least the lies are clear. You think we build stuff to last forever? Wrong. We build (if you’re lucky) so that statistically it’s unlikely a storm comes along and knocks down your building/house/skyscraper once every twenty years (fifty if you’re rich and lucky and paid three times as much for the design). But of course, it might happen tomorrow. The only guys doing a bit more than this are the Japanese and thank God for that, otherwise that Tsunami and Earthquake would have wiped them off the map completely. If that level of catastrophe had happened in California, San Francisco would basically be a drowned out ghost town now.

But I digress (it’s a trend here), the point is that the realities of the financial world are too shocking to be explained in simple language. And if the truth were more widely known, people would not only be rioting in the street. They would actually get organised, not riot at all, march straight to the governing bodies of the country they live in and begin erecting guillotines. As a result, most of us have been trained to go into a catatonic slumber as soon as anything related to the economy or financial news or anything of the sort takes place in our general vicinity. In some ways this is normal. All that stuff is fake and unreal and some deep part of us rejects it out of hand and does not allow anything to enter our brain other than the animal instinct that “we are being lied to again” with a general sense of powerlessness to do anything about it.

The down side is that not being familiar with the banker class’ secret language of lies, you are less likely to know what is actually coming next. So let me tell you in direct fashion. The Banker class is scared. Chickens are finally coming home to roost and while they will use every trick in the book, including actual war on larger scales than we have seen to date, the so called 2012 event, might be nothing more than the complete melt-down of the structure that has been in place up till now.

America is actually leading the world in this respect, and has been for a rather long time. But China and Russia are now not playing the game as well and Europe is starting to become the third world country on whose doorstep the battle will invariably be played out.

So. Consider the deadly cucumber to be only the first small salvo of what is bound to be an escalating “hidden” warfare on the economy and welfare of those who have not yet totally bought into the 9/11 thing and all the other absurdities being fed to us daily. And you have to wonder at the banking class and their choice of weapon. A cucumber. Really? I think it says more about their sexual identities than they realise. I suggest you refrain from purchasing gag-balls and gimp suits in the near future. They are likely to be coated with a virulent form of radioactive syphilis.




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  1. WinglessAngel says:

    I enjoyed the read very much and I commend you for taking the time and making the effort to share your views, which I happen to agree with.


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