Welcome oh technologically assaulted visitor. Take a seat. Relax

Tired of the frenetic pace of modern life sometimes? Well then you have come to the right place. Here you will find amusing anecdotes, interesting articles, case studies of experimental hypnosis never before seen by living eyes and along with all that, I sincerely hope, some respite from the daily grind. So relax, take your time and enjoy exploring.

In fact dear reader, regardless of your current occupation (or lack thereof, as the case may be) I would say that unless you are  pleasantly engaged in doing mainly what you enjoy in life, then you are not really free. Isn’t that what we all want? To be truly free. Free to lay about, get a good cognac in the afternoon and settle in a comfortable seat to peruse the contents of this fine site. Or practice your cloud-bursting skills while observing the clarity of blue in the temperate sky of some Mediterranean beach. Or…

Or, or, or… but how to get there? Especially with all the snake-oil salesmen telling you their latest seminar, book, course or suicidal cult is the one and only true way? And the bills to pay? And your slave-master telling you the report is due before 5 p.m. today?

Well fear no more weary traveller. However you have found your way here, that ancient knowledge is divulged in the various pages of this site completely free and without any strings attached. All you need do is peruse, read and rediscover.

One of the main premises of my work is that most human beings are where they are as a direct result of choices that are not truly their own but rather that were made for them without them even realising this was the case. You think you truly chose to be attracted to a particular person/career/lifestyle? Because hard as it may be to accept at first, especially if you are not aware of how the human mind-brain works in some detail, the reality is that all you really have is the illusion that you chose those things. The truth is that it’s quite likely your great-great grandfather chose them for you.

True freedom only begins when you  are actually free from the mental shackles you carry inside your mind from a young age, which we all have to some degree or other and which very few of us ever overcome in our lifetime.

This site is dedicated mostly to the education, work and knowledge required to do just that. The power of the human mind to create a truly infinite variety of possibilities and thus an amazing reality for the human that owns it once it is set free of limiting patterns of behaviour is really nothing short of magical.

I hope this pursuit, which is ultimately the most ancient of human endeavours —finding true, lasting happiness— interests you and that you find this site useful.

A good place to start your journey might be this article, though you should feel free to navigate your way through these uncharted waters in whatever way best suits your sensations.


2 Responses to “Welcome oh technologically assaulted visitor. Take a seat. Relax”

  1. Ami says:

    Hey Sex Machine! Oh you sly fox, you’ve been working on this since February. Looks good!

    • admin says:

      WOW! Another comment from …no wait…you’re not in Japan right now…still…cool of you to drop by. Actually if the truth be known, I have been “working” on this for much longer than that but the first couple of years I had a problem finding a web-guy who was not incompetent or a thieving bastard. After I did find one of the rare few he did a pretty decent job in only a few weeks. Proving that what I wanted was not the crazily expensive thing the other robbers kept trying to tell me. Then it was mostly a matter of putting the content up while working. Which takes long. I held it back until it was just as I wanted it. Although…I shall be adding to it pretty regularly. One post every Monday religiously and other articles and stuff as time permits…I am also planning to eventually have some prizes as well…but all in good time. Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment. I hope you will be a regular!

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