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2009 - 2010 Change of Lifestyle and Sabbatical

In November 2009 I decided to take a break from the construction industry as a whole. I wanted to concentrate more on other pursuits, amongst which the Clinical Hypnosis I had been doing since 2005 and my writing, a pursuit I had not had time to pursue properly for over a decade.

As a result I decided to take at least a 12 to 18 months break from the construction industry and its related QS type of work. In the meantime I have pursued my other interests and done a lot more writing.

My new book, SYSTEMA : The Russian Martial System will be available on Amazon from April 2011

You can also find out more about me and Systema here:


Feel free to contact me in order to discuss hiring me for any of the other above-mentioned pursuits as well as for any construction industry related work.