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About Me

In addition to the Dark Arts of Quantity Surveying and all that goes with things financial, forensic and contractual, I have several other interests.

I have been practising as a professional Clinical Hypnotist since 2005. If you wish to find out more, I suggest you visit my most excellent combined Blog and Hypnosis web-site. Both are written so as to be entertaining as well as informative.


I also have a long history with Martial Arts. I hold a Second Dan Grade Black Belt in Shotokan Karate but since 2004 have been training exclusively in the Russian Martial Art known as Systema, in which I was certified as an instructor by Mikhail Ryabko in 2008. You can find out more at our official web-site:


I also enjoy writing and am the author of two non-fiction books The Face on Mars (published in 1995 and now out of print) and Systema : The Russian Martial System which will be available on amazon.com soon and you can get an early copy or find out more about it by going here.

A few personal details:

  • Born in Italy I am fully bilingual (Italian and English)
  • I also have dual nationality, (Italian and South African) having grown up and lived for many years in various African countries (Nigeria, Botswana and South Africa)
  • I have managed construction sites of various budgets, complexity and technical expertise from a young age and as such am more practically minded than one expects of most Quantity Surveyors generally speaking, which I have found to be a not insignificant asset
  • I have worked in the construction industry in Botswana, South Africa, Italy and for the last 6 years exclusively in the United Kingdom