80 Years of Age and Salsa Dancing

I especially liked the bit right at the beginning when they film her entrance and you see her face, how she carries herself in a very dignified way. I have been contemplating a regular feature I want to eventually incorporate in this blog about how certain old technology was/is ahead of contemporary technology. I would say in some cases, the same could be said for older concepts of self-identity.

2 Responses to “80 Years of Age and Salsa Dancing”

  1. yas says:

    Waow…. 🙂 elle est doublée???? ce n’est pas possible d’être aussi souple et avoir autant de souffle !!!!!!!! elle nous donne de l’espoir :))) trop cool….

    • admin says:

      Nope, I really think it really is her. Just goes to show as long as you keep active, no reason you can’t be dancing in your 80s.

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