Systema: The Russian Martial System

This book also includes access to 40 online instructional videos. This is the first complete training manual for Systema, the Russian Martial Art developed for use by the elite ex-Soviet Special Operation Units of Spetsnaz. Nowhere else has the previously often classified material found in these pages been collated in one place for civilian use.

The Face on Mars

Published in December of 1995, this book has been a long time in being re-issued. It has now been revised and updated and a second edition is now available with some 100 pages of additional information. You can read a bit more about it here.

Overlords of Mars: Inception (Paperback)

On 10 October, 1944 —eight months before the USA— Nazi Germany tested the first Atom Bomb. The pressure wave had a diameter of 9 km and the resulting EMP pulse knocked out all the phones in Berlin for more than two days. Testimony of this event by pilot Hans Zinsser was recorded in August 1945. It was declassified only in 1992.


Overlords of Mars – Stasis (Book 2 in the Overlords of Mars Series)

Continues where Inception ended and begins the adventure of Giona Esago as well as some of the other protagonists introduced in Book 1 on a Mars very different from the one we are told about here on Earth. In a much more cinematic and hard SF style, introduces what life and technology off planet Earth is like, antigravity technology, alien artefacts, and a Nazi inhabited Moon in a cold war with Allied occupied Mars we back on Earth have been kept from knowing about. More than double the length of Inception, this book is also written in a much more cinematic style, with some fast-paced action scenes as well as continuing the deepening of characters’ personalities.

The Dirty Old West

Complete set of rules for role-playing in: The Dirty Old West… It’s a dangerous place. Outlaws, Corrupt Lawmen, Vicious Drunks, Bounty Hunters, Card Sharps and Savage Red Indians. Add in a few rattlesnakes and the occasional supernatural beast, and it’s more likely than not that you will lose your scalp unless you’re quick at emptying your sixgun first and worrying about who or what you killed later. If you’re that way inclined that is. To worry. Keep your powder dry and your Tomahawk sharp. Requires six sided dice and some paper and pencils to be enjoed with your friends.

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