Historical Footnote: This About Me page used to read About the Sex Machine, which is the part of this blog’s tag-line. You can still see a version of that page by clicking on the link above.

The tag line however should probably have had SJW Hunter in it since about August 2014. But… lack of tag-line space, life, html ignorance and the fact that it’s not as if I need Viagra now, made it difficult for me to worry about updating this page or changing the tag-line at all.

When I originally set this site up I did it pretty much in one evening, and my mood was one of writing something that was entertaining as well as informative. I must have done something right because the original About Me page (designed to be entertaining mostly) was the most visited throughout the life of this site. That said, my life has taken some pretty sharp turns since 2008 and it was time to update this blog at least a bit with regard to my world-view. I am still the same generally optimistic person I have always been, however, both personally and globally, some harsh realities have taken place, and this changes the things one will focus on.

Therefore, it’s only natural my blog will now perhaps reflect more the hunting down and crushing of vile SJWs for my pleasure and their pain, rather than the previously more hedonistic pass-time of pussy-hunting for mutual pleasure of both predator and prey.

I have left the stalker information at the bottom of this entry to hopefully lighten the mood after you read about SJWs.

What is an SJW Hunter?

SJW stands for Social Justice Warrior and they are the thought police of the 21st Century. These are those human misfits that having being brainwashed by Cultural Marxism want everyone to think like them. These people are the moral descendants of Stalin, Mao and Hitler and they have literally caused more death in only the last hundred years than all previous human wars combined since history began.

In short, an SJW Hunter is a person who choses Truth over Ideology. Dialectic over Rhetoric. Facts over Opinion. Honesty and honour and having a word that means something over the ever-shifting of your position to retain the sense of false superiority your desperate narcissism needs to continue to survive.

Many people, still relatively sane despite years of indoctrination by the mass media, prefer truth and reality and facts over opinion, false ideology and lies. Most though tend to go about their business quietly and hope to avoid the attention of the insane screeching harpies and witch-burners that compose the mentally infirm SJW ranks.

An SJW Hunter on the other hand does not seek to avoid these vermin. He seeks to hunt them down and crush them by forcing them to live by their own idiotic rules or face truth, beauty, reality and awaken to life. You get a Nobel Laureate to resign because he makes a joke at a speech? Fine. We’re going to start trawling through your whole life and exposing your lies, your hypocrisy and your poor excuse of a soul to sunlight. And we will revel in the screaming and the puff of smoke you turn into.

This battle is not limited to any field.

Gamergate, the revolt of consumers and gamers to the falsity, Chuthulu-like levels of hypocrisy of the mass media and the corruption of game journalists (and journalists in general), is starting to spread to other fields. We are literally in a cultural war and while the people of the Lie have the newspapers, television and many of the mass media outlets on their side, we have a weapon that does not lose it’s edge. That does not break. That does not ever stop being deadly to the SJWs.

We have truth.

You see, SJWs ALWAYS LIE. Always. It’s a law. The first law of SJWs.

The Three laws of SJWs were first postulated and then observed to be precise laws by Vox Day and he has written the first manual in the taking down of the Thought Police.

You can find it HERE.

The three laws are:

1. SJWs Always lie.

2. SJWs Always double-down (when the lie is exposed they just lie HARDER).

3. SJWs Always project (If they accuse you of envy it’s because that’s their world view. If they accuse you of racism it’s because they care more about skin colour than character or honesty. If they accuse you of sexism, homophobia or pretty much anything else sexual it’s because that’s their fetish. They worry more about what other people do with their genitals than anyone sane, and they want you to think about it the same way they do).

SJWs are the vile politically correct who are constantly outraged. Who will ignore fact, reality and logic in favour of their broken ideologies which only cause strife, misery and discord between human beings.

They are the radicals who protest and scream and are so hypocritical they make maggots gag.

Rivers of ink can be spilled on the details of this topic, but need not be. The main thing you have to keep in mind is simply this:


They ALWAYS lie. They avoid truth as if it was fire. And it is to them. They are the people of the Lie. They are, quite literally, the best argument from observation that this plane of existence is the domain of the Prince of Lies. You don’t need to be religious or even a Christian to see this. Just notice their complete denial of even the concept of truth. Their favourite catch phrases are that “everyone has their own truth” and everything is “relative”. Of course, this is, like everything that comes from them, a demonstrable and absurd lie. I always volunteer people like this for having their heads rammed into coffee tables to see if they can make their own truth from that set of events. Surprisingly, I have yet to meet an SJW that willingly accepts to ram their head against a coffee table in the interest of showing me how much reality is just another “social construct”. And this, of course applies to all their other “social constructs”.

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