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Quit Annoying Habits
We all have some of these

Upgrade your Brain and Develop Intrapersonal Skills
Be sociable, a better colleague, get laid, be able to talk to other humans and not just your imaginary friends, learn how your view of the world is mostly just left-overs from your great-grand-parents. Upgrade your brain.

Enhance Your Sports Performance
Whatever your sport and level of ability, from amateur to Olympic Professional, you can always improve your ability by the correct and specific use of hypnosis. Dedicate your speech on the podium in 2012 to… me!

Pregnancy and Childbirth
For those brave ladies wishing to undergo natural childbirth for the well-being of their child without all the discomfort normally associated with it.

Eating Disorders
Bulimia and Anorexia. Please Read the information in this link before contacting me.

Other Issues
I have dealt with the truly bizarre. Fear not, we can deal with it together.

Past Life Regressions
These can range from entertainment to open-minded curiosity to having unexpected life-changing results. As a result I include them as a discretely separate and volountary hypnotic process.

Hypnosis Show
Having a great big party and want to make all your friends join your personal cult, remove all their clothing and dance naked? You are in luck! The Amazing Doctor Zarkov is here to help!

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