Eating Disorders

Bulimia and Anorexia Nervosa. These generally require a detailed personal history and a longer first session with possible follow up sessions. See the requirements below and please note that you should use the Contact Form to provide an overview of your situation and history of the disorder. A more detailed personal history will also be asked for at the time of the first session, requiring more time.

General Requirements: You will need to print, and complete both the Intake Form and the Disclaimer Form as well as have your doctor complete the Medical Referral Form prior to your session.  Please also read the section entitled Hire Me. If you do not currently have a doctor for your condition then I will strongly advise you to get one and you will need to fill in a supplementary form on your first visit to prove that I have thus advised you. Both Anorexia and Bulimia can lead to medical complications which should be addressed by medical professionals and it is important you understand that Hypnosis is not a substitute for this.

Description: A detailed personal history will be required. You can save some time by providing this in writing prior to your session but a one-to-one interview will still need to take place prior to the hypnosis and this will generally be longer than most pre-induction interviews. As a result the minimum time for a first session should be considered as 2 hours but may go on to 3 or more. In most cases a follow up session or even series of sessions may be required. A more detailed indication of this will be clearer after the first session, at which point a programme can be worked out.

Cost: £150 for the first session up to 3 hours. Beyond this the standard rate of £50 per hour (or part thereof) will be charged. In general consider at least another 4 hours of hypnosis may be required and possibly more, and plan for these payments in advance.

Time: Usually about 1 hour and a half to 3 hours

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