In this tragic modern era, the renaissance man of the 19th Century no longer seems to exist. Gone are the days when a man might be a leader in many fields.

Archaeologists have no or little understanding of astronomy or palaeontology. Biologists no concept of physics and the electromagnetic spectrum, and even more disturbingly, almost no one at all even knows what Cavorite is anymore. It’s a problemĀ I say. And that’s before we even take into account the loss of interplanetary cruises for purposes of exploration and relaxation.

Luckily we are not all extinct though. My skills, extend beyond merely one esoteric form of the scientific art encapsulated by Hypnosis. Indeed gentle reader, I have several such capacities in differing and disparate fields. Follow the links below to learn more.

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The Russian Martial System


Author Construction Services and Forensic Accounting

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