Past Life Regressions

This type of hypnotic process can be considered as everything from utter charlatanery by some close-minded individuals to the answers to all of your life’s unanswered questions by others. There are two archetypal problems that further confuse the issue and we need to look at both before we can consider past life regressions in their proper context.

Bad Hypnotists
While there may not be as many evil hypnotists as some people in Hollywood seem to think, there certainly are a large number of only partially competent ones. This can be problematic particularly for things like regressions, be they of a past life nature or of a therapeutic or forensic memory recovery type. An inexperienced or not very competent hypnotist could inadvertently implant suggestive ideas in a patient and while eventually these mostly work themselves out in time, they can (and have) caused complications in people’s lives. In those cases where this has happened it was normally due to a therapist with a particular agenda. The Myth of Repressed Memories by Elizabeth Loftus is a good read if you are interested in finding out more about this type of problem hypnotist. The other more common error some inexperienced hypnotists make is that of unintentionally using suggestive language during a regression, which should be completely avoided for regressions, where one is essentially trying to recover the perceived memory and its emotional states as well as the lesson one can learn from it, which is ultimately the most important part of any regression work.
For these reasons, regression work has perhaps received an even shorter shrift than hypnosis work in general.

Religious Belief or World View
For some people, the very concept of reincarnation is anathema or at least dubious and of course this in itself as a mental attitude would obviously colour the view one might have of something like a past life regression as well as the results obtainable with it.

The Good News
Despite these two rather large hurdles to regression in general –and even more so to past life regression in particular– there is solid, consistent evidence (here, or here, or here for example) that it can be not only beneficial as a tool of therapy but also provide historically accurate factual information. I have personally had extremely powerful and I would say life-changing results with past life regression, however, due to my peculiarly obsessive search for various aspects of the nature of reality I remain truly agnostic towards expressing an opinion one way or the other. I can personally attest that it was extremely useful for me and further state that from a personal view, I am satisfied that my experience was objectively real, as I had ample opportunity to verify my memories in objective ways and over a number of years, however I also accept that there can be alternative explanations besides reincarnation, some of which are rather complex but certainly no less credible and in fact possibly more so if one considers multi-dimensional universes, which to some extent could be said to have been proven, at least theoretically by the latest developments of various branches of physics (most notably quantum mechanics and topology).
The Good News is that despite my truly agnostic stance on past life regressions, I am not only willing to do them, but I also have sufficient experience in hypnosis to ensure I do not inadvertently use suggestive language of any kind when doing a regression. A skill that sadly is rather rare as I can prove by deconstructing many mass-market “hypnosis” products of various kinds. The results you obtain from a past life regression however will vary enormously and as such, responsibility for them rests entirely with yourself.

General Requirements: Make an appointment by contacting me and print and fill in this Intake Form and this Past Life Regression Disclaimer prior to your session. Please also read the section entitled Hire Me as certain cases may require additional information as well as possibly a Disclaimer Form or Medical Referral Form.

Description: Most sessions will tend to range from 30 minutes if you are an excellent hypnotic subject to 2 hours. First time sessions will generally last between one hour and one hour and a half.

Cost: £100 per session of up to 2 hours. Beyond this the standard rate of £50 per hour (or part thereof) will be charged.

Time: Usually about 1 hour sometimes extending to 2 hours

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