Annoying Habits Testimonials

Ms. T. Aged 33: — Presenting Condition: Smoking

“When I met Giuseppe socially and I discovered he was a hypnotist I mentioned that it would be nice to be able to stop smoking, although I enjoyed it. He said he could hypnotise me to do so and I said that would be nice. As we were in a social setting though, we just spent a couple of hours talking quite normally through the evening, while also discussing the topic in a general way. The next day, to my complete shock, not only did I not have any desire to smoke, but even when I tried to force myself to do so I just did not want to. I was so surprised I called Giuseppe to ask him what had happened and how he had done that, explaining to him that even if I tried to force myself to do so I couldn’t smoke anymore. He asked me if this was a problem for me and on reflection I realised that actually it really wasn’t! Even now, more than 3 years later, the idea of smoking gives me nausea and I am quite happy to have stopped this habit in such a simple and painless fashion though I am still unsure of exactly how he did it.”

This client has expressed no reservation on also being contacted if required to attest to her testimony. This is a very kind offer on her part and completely unsolicited, and unremunerated in any way. As I do worry about nuisance requests to her though, I would ask prospective clients who wish to get in touch with her to rather e-mail me first so as to ensure a certain level of privacy and crazy-people filter is at least in place, as well as to allow me to check periodically with her that this is still something she wishes to do.


Ms. L. Aged 28: — Presenting Condition: Smoking

“I had tried hypnosis several times before and as it had never worked on me I was convinced I couldn’t be hypnotised. When Giuseppe offered to prove otherwise I was happy to volunteer. The session lasted about an hour and I came out of the trance feeling relaxed and comfortable. I had been a regular smoker for about 15 years, so when this regular craving disappeared so suddenly, I was amazed. And continued to find myself surprised by this for several months as I adjusted to my new non-smoking habit, something I honestly didn’t think would be possible.”


Ms. F. Aged 32: — Presenting Condition: Smoking

“Although I had tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking quite a few times during the previous 14 years, it was only when I had a hypnosis session with Giuseppe that I managed to quit and I didn’t smoke ever since. This session was in October 2008 and since then I don’t feel like smoking at all. I am very grateful for his assistance. He is a serious, cautious and committed professional and I do recommend his services for anyone who wants to get rid of bad habits, traumas or even just to become a better person.”



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