Pregnancy and Childbirth Testimonials

Ms. D. Aged 35: — Presenting Condition: Childbirth

“I only had a couple of sessions with Giuseppe several months before the birth of my baby, as I would be out of the UK for the event. I was sure however I wanted to have a natural childbirth for the sake of my little girl, and thought it might help. All I can say is that I cannot relate at all to the horror stories I have heard about a first pregnancy. Not only was my pregnancy the best experience of my life so far, but the birth itself was extremely quick especially for a first pregnancy and relatively pain free, both these aspects are what I was hoping to achieve with hypnosis and it seemed to have worked despite the time delay between the sessions and the birth, which I was concerned about but apparently it seemed to have no effect, as during the birthing I very much allowed my biology and instincts to take over, which was part of the induction I had. This allowed me to avoid taking any pain medications which was one of my primary aims. As a bonus I now also have the happiest, prettiest, smartest little girl in the whole world, but that was all my doing!”



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