The Wedding Suit

I think the image above says it all really. My original idea was to get married in a James Bond Style swimming trunks, (white with red trim if you must know) goggles, a red bow-tie and white top hat.

Redhead Girl sort of almost started crying a little when I mentioned it, and after the initial shock of realising this was not due to her being awed by my tasteful dress-style and sense of adventure I realised this might be in danger of turning into an almost normal event. People wearing formal clothes and all!  When we discussed the event I really only had 3 requirements:

  1. I didn’t want any human presiding over the ceremony saying those hated little words “By the power/s invested in me…” as this would be likely to produce the following autonomous reaction from me: “No you fool. You have no powers over me! HADOUUUUKEN! Fireball to your face!” Which I felt most of the guests would not appreciate, not being au fait with Street Fighter parlance.
  2. I didn’t want a boring long-ass ceremony where people doze off.
  3. I wanted the day to be memorable by virtue of being at least a little different.

For about the first three months Redhead Girl kept asking me if I wanted this or that or the other and my standard answer was pretty much: “Whatever you want is fine with me”. Even when it came to invites, although because we’re getting married in Brazil it would be difficult for my family and friends to be there, she was very considerately trying to ask me if it was ok to have X and Y and Z and so on. To which I again just said, yeah, sure, whatever, the more the merrier. Eventually one day she had a little episode and I realised she was sad about this. She thought I didn’t care you see.

So I explained that this wasn’t it at all. The way I see it, the important part of a wedding is just between me and her and has nothing to do with anyone else. The whole thing about friends and family and the ceremony, priests, witch-doctors and ostentatious building is all just not relevant to us. Which she felt the same about. But she was worried about everyone getting along so that it would be a good day. I explained that from my point of view, even if they all got drunk and started brawling, it would be a great day. Because we have managed to ensure no humans are presiding over the ceremony but us, the rest is just all human stuff. And as our relatives and friends are people, whatever human-like behaviour they do…well…so what…we love them flawed and great as they are after all.

After this explanation Redhead Girl was a lot more relaxed I think. She has her dress all picked out and I have a rough idea of what it looks like but not fully because she will not let me see it before the day. It’s a very classy thing.

My costume idea was not going to work. When she realised I really was serious she kind of did a double take. I mean hell. It’s like she thought I was crazy or something.

I could see if she had like a whole dress on…I would probably need some clothes. But the idea of getting married in a penguin suit disturbs me. But after a day or so I had it! Jin, from the Video game Tekken was the inspiration.

You can see it right?

It’s a great idea. Classic yet subdued. A subtle blend of style and superhero chic. I thought of just going for the trousers and a bare-chest, but she says her dad has a heart condition… I suggested he could wear a cape, but somehow that didn’t wash either.

Finally I told her about the suit you see above dear readers.

She laughed. Happily you see. Great, I thought.

Except she carried on laughing long and hard. It seems she thinks I was joking again. I am not I tell you. I am dead serious.

Admittedly at this stage I had just described Jin’s trouser leg with the flame thing…not the toned down version above I have in mind…but she carried on laughing. Possibly with a slight hint of hysteria.

So I spent a few hours with a picture of Elvis and Gimp (Linux version of Photoshop) and created the image above. I will show her in a few minutes. I am sure she will like it…surely…right? Although this image keeps flashing in my head…

But all is not lost readers. Even if she should have a tragic collapse of good taste and not LOVE the idea of the white Jin-like suit. I know how I can change her mind. By offering her her own version of the Tekken wedding dress of course. The one that apparently is in a secret or extra scene for Lili Rochefort (also a Tekken character, and no, I don’t know what scene, it’s not like I have played the game in 15 years or more…). Yes. That’s right, I am sure this will do it. You can see for yourselves. nothing could go wrong with this plan!

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  1. Tony Hoffart says:

    Redhead girl’s dress looks like a Hyung Tae Kim drawing… though I haven’t seen it before so I can’t say that for sure.

    If I might offer a suggestion for a mix of formal with superhero chic why not wear a nice suit, but instead of a button-down shirt and tie underneath, you wear a dashing shirt with a G-man logo emblazoned on your chest, or maybe a black shirt with the Systema symbol on it…

    • G says:

      Everyone’s a critic…. I’m not really megalomaniac (the whole thing about taking over planet Earth is for your own good Earthlings, trust me…) and I don’t really want a big shirt with my name on it. I remember it fine, despite what you people think all the punches to the head have done to me.
      Nor do I want my wedding to be a kind of marketing ploy for one of my hobbies.
      Also…not planning on wearing a tie because in Brazil in December I think it will be hard to keep ANY clothes on for very long, and even having a jacket is stretching it.
      But what are you saying that my subdued flame on cuff and pant leg is not cool?
      Surely you of all people can see it?
      Surely man! You ARE a role-player right? You read X-men Comic books right?
      I don’t know…what is the world coming to …no one has traditions anymore….

  2. Tony Hoffart says:

    Mostly just the Astonishing X-Men a few years ago. I see what you’re saying about the “marketing ploy” bit though, put that way it does sound kinda offensive. I just like the idea of a tightish shirt worn House-style beneath a suit jacket, but I shouldn’t be projecting my personal tastes on you and your wedding which should be awesome on your own terms.

    • G says:

      No worries bro, stop being so damn polite. 🙂
      You should read the old X-men, the silver age ones…where Cyclops gets married. To a Redhead Girl no less 🙂
      (PS: You know how when you’re kids and a new superhero came out and you all rushed to say who was whom first?
      Well I got dibs on Cyclops. Cause he’s the coolest X-man. Screw Wolverine. Cyclops kicked all the X-men’s ass together when mastermind messed with all their heads. And he’s basically a normal human with an intense stare 🙂 )

  3. Tony Hoffart says:

    I’ve Cyclops unleash. Astonishing X-Men does a nice scene with him nuking a mile-wide swath of forest. Now I’m digging your intent on multiple levels. I did see an artistic representation of the wedding to Jean Grey though I never read the issue (or did so when I was very young) but I know the one you’re referring to. It works on lots of levels for what you’re trying to do.

    • G says:

      Finally….my genius is being understood…
      You can get a complete set of the X-men series of that period on DVD now…I even have a copy somewhere on a hard-drive on some computer somewhere…probably in storage…

  4. Tony Hoffart says:

    Nice! I would dig that.

    • G says:

      If I find it I will be sure to send it to you. Remind me in late January when I hopefully will be settled in again.

  5. Tony Hoffart says:

    If you can find them, check out Joss Whedon’s Astonishing line. It’s one of my favorites, though it’s only about 3 or 4 years old.

  6. Tony Hoffart says:

    Here’s a paysite that works like a porn site would except it streams comics. Not a bad deal if you ask me… would be interested in knowing how much the writers and artists get from it. http://marvel.com/digitalcomics/titles/astonishing_x-men.2004

    Here’s the wikipedia page for the line http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astonishing_X-Men

    • G says:

      I guess I read it wrong….I was googling things like “Joss Whedon Fashions….” It IS really strange to me that no one has a decent line out of superhero type suits anyways so I thought 3-4 years for such a line would be about right…. I still wonder why Pierre Cardin didn’t do anything in that line…

  7. Tony Hoffart says:

    You might have more luck looking at Japanese stuff. Cosplay has a bad rap (for a good reason) but some of it can be really ingenious.

  8. Barmcheenna says:

    be happy and love. kiss

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