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Achilles Tendon Recovery After Surgery

On the 22nd of June 2010 I fully ruptured my right Achilles Tendon and had to have surgery in order to re-attach it. As a Sports Hypnotist, it would be remiss of me not to document my recovery process. As a result I have added a page specifically to document this under the Hypnosis Experiments section.

This will be a relatively detailed Recovery Diary, which will outline the steps I have taken so far and continue to document future results. If you have suffered from a similar injury and want to see what I am doing to recover faster and better than I have been told is usually possible, feel free to bookmark the page and return to it often as I will make frequent updates.

Back Home and still with all the EEG electrodes attached to me

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80 Years of Age and Salsa Dancing

I especially liked the bit right at the beginning when they film her entrance and you see her face, how she carries herself in a very dignified way. I have been contemplating a regular feature I want to eventually incorporate in this blog about how certain old technology was/is ahead of contemporary technology. I would say in some cases, the same could be said for older concepts of self-identity.

The Amazing Human Mind

This is why when doctors tell me what is and is not possible for a human brain to remember, I take it all with a very large dose of skepticism.

Darwin’s Mistake?

Actually this clip is a really excellent explanation of why an unconscious, analogous processing of information is more effective than a digital, conscious one, once it has been perfected (this is one of the principles of the training behind the Russian System — That’s right, to make us into more deadly chimps!)

Chimp vs Human

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