New SF Book coming out soon


Image Courtesy of: ‘National Institute of Standards and Technology Digital Collections,

Information Services Division, Gaithersburg, MD 20899


The Image above is for some piece of equipment that The Museum of National Standards and Technology has no idea as to what it did or was used for or how to use it. It probably dates from the early 1900s and all that is known about it is that it was built by the “Otto-Wolff Gruppe“. For those of you a little more au fait with crazily advanced German technology, this should come as no surprise.

Keep in mind that during World War II, the Germans were consistently ahead of the allied forces in pretty much everything, including the atom bomb. In fact, according to some the bombs dropped on Japan by the USA had German components and the USA would never have had a bomb available in August 1945 if it weren’t for these Nazi parts. Crazy as it sounds, a close study of the old documents seems to bear this out as probably all true.

I have been a little absent lately because I am finishing my first book that is written merely as a story instead of being a work of non-fiction like my last two books, or a game, as the Dirty Old West was.

Title, cover and all the rest of it stays under wraps until it’s ready to be unveiled to the world, but the good news is that it will be free for anyone using the kindle. If you prefer the printed version (I tend to be partial to them myself) you will also be able to get it on amazon.

And yes, indirectly, the image above is a little bit related.

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  1. Justina says:

    offhand, it might be some kind of measuring device, but unless the plus and minus
    on one side is outgo to a meter, it is more likely something to control delivery
    of decrees of electricity (fed in through one side of plus and minus and results out
    the other) to something…..or someone, if it is a means of delivering shocks for
    interrogation. on the botton, it looks like a plug can be put from one socket to
    another, and above, those two things look like dials or rather, dial like selectors
    since the rectangular tops look rotatable. some kind of primitive electricity controller,
    perhaps capable also of increasing voltage and amperage. Normally this is done
    one at the expense of the other, but perhaps inside the box is something that is able
    to ramp up BOTH from the same input.

    • G says:

      Thanks for that…the subtle hint of elaborate torture device is pretty dark. I don’t think it was used for that…but then again…it is German…if anyone would design an elegant torture device, I’m guessing that’s the country to look for it in!

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